Don't Try This at Home: Does WWE Make Kids More Violent?

The Jaden SmallingsContributor IFebruary 24, 2010

Due to the success of my previous article , I decided to write another article on kids and WWE.

When I first started watching WWE, about six years ago I was 14, and my younger brother who frequently watched WWE with me, was 10. Sorry, I would like to mention my brother's name, but I can't due to confidential reasons.

Since my brother and I constantly watched WWE for a long period of time, we did what most brothers do, play fight.

When we used to play fight, we would literally punch and kick each other and the only way to win was to submit. My brother and I would continually play fight until one day, when everything went wrong.

In 2006, my brother and I were play fighting like usual but this time things got out of hand. I kicked my brother in the gut and took him down with a headlock. I then put him in, one of the most painful submissions in WWE history, the sharpshooter.

Unfortunately I accidentally stretched the sharpshooter a little too much.

My brother was in tears and kept on tapping until I finally let go. He immediately got up and punched me in my nose so hard that blood started pouring out.

Afterwards, my mother came in our room to find out what was going on. After hearing what happened, she said that we were never allowed to play fight again, and believe me we still don't until this day.

Now I know what your thinking, we should've never wrestled in the first place, but my brother and I were kids at the time and whenever we watched WWE, we felt it was fun and never thought about the consequences.

I see kids play fighting with each other all the time, and that clip isn't going to make a difference.

You must be asking yourself, why do kids play fight? I only have one answer, because they think it's fun. They don't know that somebody could get seriously hurt, and if they do then they don't believe it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all kids play fight, but unfortunately most kids do which is exactly why I wrote this article.

I know WWE runs that "don't try this at home" clip every now and then, but does that really make a difference?

The only way kids would stop wrestling and play fighting is when they figure it out for themselves like how my brother and I had to. 

If you're reading this article, kid or adult, please make sure that you stop play fighting because somebody you know or you, yourself could get seriously hurt.

Anyway, that's it for now, until next time, peace.