CM Punk's Straight Edge Gimmick Giving Kids the Wrong Message?

The Jaden SmallingsContributor IFebruary 23, 2010

CM Punk is certainly one of the greatest performers in WWE, especially when it comes to charisma and mic skills.

Although what I said was true, is CM Punk's recent straight edge gimmick giving kids the wrong message about alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications?

For a few months now, Punk's been portraying the role of a villain, claiming that he is better than everybody else because he's straight edge.

For those of you who don't know what "straight edge" means, it basically means making a life-long commitment to refraining from drugs and alcohol. 

During his feud with Jeff Hardy, Punk started believing that he was superior to Hardy, which led to Punk's heel turn. He claimed that Hardy is a drug addict and that he, like everybody else, needs Punk's help.

After engaging in feud of the year with Hardy, his push went on hold for some odd reason.

Then, in recent months, CM Punk reformed Festus into Luke Gallows, who became Punk's body guard.

Punk then started to "save" WWE universe members, one at a time, and while doing so he got a new straight edge manager, Serena.

Now, the straight edge trio has been going around doing dirty things such as attacking the likes of Rey Mysterio, who's known for having many kids in his fanbase.

If a kid is watching at home and Punk is assaulting his hero, wouldn't the kid think that being straight edge is a bad thing done by bad people?

This was probably what happened when Punk continuously assaulted Hardy, who, like Mysterio, is known for having a major kids fanbase.

Some kids know that wrestling is scripted, but others don't, like my friend's little brother, Matthew.

I see Matthew now and then, and after watching Smackdown last week, he said that he hates bad guys like CM Punk and that being straight edge is a bad thing.

Matthew's only eight years old and he doesn't know yet that wrestling is scripted.

He claimed that straight edge is a bad thing due to the straight edge society's approach.

Obviously straight edge isn't bad, and alcohol and drugs aren't good, but doesn't Punk's approach tell a whole different story?

Kids are now being led to believe that being straight edge is a bad thing and that it's okay to drink alcohol and do drugs.

Want to know how?

CM Punk, the "bad guy," doesn't take drugs and do "bad things," but Jeff Hardy, the "good guy," takes drugs and does "good things."

I know that wrestling is scripted and that kids probably will eventually learn that, but if they see their parents smoking or taking alcohol, they probably wouldn't mind and would think it's okay.

Don't get me wrong; I love Punk's gimmick, but it gives out a bad vibe to kids, that's all.

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