NFL Raking In Unimaginable Dollars

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIJuly 5, 2008

Now, I'm not paid enough to do any research on the subject, but the NFL is absolutely hoarding money. 

NFL commissioner Roger Godell is making somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000,000.00 per season or more, and his harassing rookies about what they make? 

Dude, you make $10 million a year to suspend players and take the advice of a committee.  Okay, okay, I'm sure he does more than that.

The following are some, but certainly not all, of the ways the NFL generates millions of dollars:

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket—Fans, like me, pay $60 per month for four months so they can see any of the Sunday games that they want.  How foolish is this since I only want to see the Chargers game on most Sundays? 

I just received a flyer saying that I can become a "Super Fan" for another $20 per month.  No thanks.

Directv does not disclose the amount of subscribers that have signed up for this package, but it's more than a few.

Field Pass—So you don't want to pay the high cost of NFL Sunday Ticket?  You can fork over $9 a month directly to the NFL and listen to all the games on the Internet. 

As ridiculous as this is, I also subscribe to NFL field pass to bask in the glow of the other team's announcers and fan's frustration with a loss to the Chargers. 

Admittedly, this was a lot more fun when the Chargers were a bad football team and somehow pulled off the upset.  Now fans are basking in the glow of my frustration when the Chargers lose.

The Colts fans and announcers were classy in defeat last season in the playoffs.  Dammit!

Gambling—The NFL (indirectly) makes HUGE money and has inspired countless websites to make huge money from gambling.  Gamblers follow all the games, sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket, flood sports bars in Vegas, and follow the league religiously.

One has to wonder how much money is being made overseas.

Sports Bars—Being the most popular sport in the USA, football certainly puts its share of butts on the bar stool.  There is nothing like being at a bar and watching your team on the big screen if you can't make it to the game.

Bars make a ton of money off beer and food.  An unfortunate reality is the amount of DUI's that result.

Network Television—The NFL is so hot that major networks CBS, NBC, AND Fox all broadcast games.  These companies fork over billions to the NFL for the right to display their man crush on Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

NFL Network—Since we are talking about man crushes, you can't leave out the NFL's own network.  Fran Charles' repeated school girl like "Tom Terrific" references to Tom Brady made the whole west coast sick. 

The NFL is routinely battling with cable companies over the NFL's desire to overcharge for a network that routinely plays the same programs over and over again during the week, and then recaps those reruns on Saturday AND Sunday.

ESPN and Highlight Shows—I can't lie, I love ESPN's coverage of the NFL.  The NFL likes those checks that ESPN hands over for the right to replay NFL highlights and talk about them.

NBC, CBS, Fox, FSN, and the NFL Network all have highlight shows as well, not to mention the 30-plus local shows in markets that have teams.

NFL draft—Countless magazines, advertising, coverage by the NFL Network during the combine, coverage by the NFL Network and ESPN during the actual draft...Why then is Goodell harassing rookies about the amount they make? 

The total combined salaries of all rookies is likely much less than the amount the NFL makes off of the NFL Draft alone.

Free Advertising—Magazines that rant about everything from fantasy football to totally incorrect predictions about who will win the Super Bowl, put the NFL in our face. 

Jerseys that fans pay $45-$200 for can be seen everywhere you go.  Even in cities that don't have an NFL team within 500 miles.

Fantasy Football—Not only does the NFL make millions, upon millions from fantasy football, but fantasy football also creates fans. 

The Chargers' LaDainian Tomlinson may not be where he is today financially if it wasn't for the fantasy football crowd making him the undisputed number one pick thus increasing his fame and acclaim.

Madden NFL—Madden is one of the top selling video games EVERY year and it doesn't look to slow down for the foreseeable future.  The NFL, the NFL Players association, and the NFL Coaches association all cash in off of this game. 

Heck, I played Madden over video game baseball way back when I was a huge MLB fan and really didn't follow the NFL at all.  Oh, how things have changed!

The Super Bowl—This game has a worldwide following and is a de facto national holiday.  Anytime you have an estimated 40% or more of the country and millions around the world watching, billions of dollars are being made as a result.

Over Priced Stadiums—Cities typically purchase the stadium for the team—but not always—and then the team makes huge money off of ridiculously overpriced parking, food, and drinks.