2010 NFL Mock Draft: Redskins SHOULD, But WON'T Select Russell Okung

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IFebruary 24, 2010

There is going to be a sequel to this article. You have noticed the words "should," and "won't," are entirely capitalized.

Well, that's because the Redskins have a complete moron named Dan Snyder as an owner, and their history in the draft recently has not been very impressive.

Russell Okung is the player I would draft, but I think Dan Snyder will draft another player instead, so look for that article as well here:

The reason I'd draft Russell Okung is that offensive line is everything in a game and in our nation's capital. If you control the line of scrimmage, you will win ball games without question.

The Redskins are also famous for the offensive line group known as 'The Hogs.'

The Hogs were the Joe Gibbs offensive line group from 1981 to the early 1990s. The Redskins drafted two of them in '81 and signed tackle Joe Jacoby for $5,000 as an undrafted free agent to complete the gang.

The Hogs became a hit with the fans. People would wear fake pig snouts and some business men would dress up in drag and call themselves 'The Hogettes' and just look plain stupid, but it was how they showed their loyalty.

The Hogs won three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks and three different running backs. That's how dominant they were at blocking.

It didn't matter who was behind them, they were going to make a hole big enough for any back to go through, and they were going to hold off pass rushers long enough for any quarterback to find a receiver to throw to.

Russ Grimm, one of the primary guards for The Hogs, was just inducted into the Hall of Fame this past year.

Go with what works and draft a lineman.

The lineman in question is Russell Okung. I've reviewed film of him and I think there isn't a more solid player at the tackle position. I think he's even better than Charles Brown.

What I noticed about him was that he rarely, if ever, was pushed around. He was the one doing the pushing. His strength is amazing.

I really like his footwork. He's like a dancer with those kinds of feet and he's the leader with his partner for a defensive end.

I think only once on the film I saw of him did a player get by him. It was around the late part of the second quarter and the Ole Miss end got around him after a little struggle, but Zac Robinson was quick enough to get rid of the ball in time.

He's in a tough conference, so competition isn't a big issue, and he's got legs, I saw him lead blocking, so he may be able to play guard at the next level.

He's just the total package. I'd draft him now, especially since the offensive line is old by NFL standards.

The youngest guy is Will Montgomery, who is 27, but the rest are 30 plus in age.

Chris Samuels is 32 going on 33, Casey Rabach is almost 33, Levi Jones is turning 31 in August, Derrick Dockery is turning 30 as well, and Mike Williams is 30.

These guys aren't going to make it. A large portion of the offensive line last year was put on injured reserve and that screws up the line's ability to fuse together and work as a group.

As silly as it sounds, it's true because you get used to their strengths and weaknesses and a lineman mentally prepares how to deal with those.

The Redskins not only have a great player in front of them, but a guy who can fill something they desperately need.

As logical as it sounds, I don't believe it will happen. I think Dan Snyder has his eyes on this guy instead: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/351272-2010-nfl-mock-draft-who-the-redskins-will-take.