Week 10 NFL Picks: Can the Falcons Win a Game on the Road?

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Week 10 NFL Picks: Can the Falcons Win a Game on the Road?

OK sports fan, it's now that time for the week 10 picks, so get your pen and pad ready, because you heard it hear first.

First up, Atlanta vs. Carolina.  Now I know a lot of fans are not really worried about this game( I being one of them), but I have to be fair to all 32 team.  The Falcons are really in trouble.  They have too many fools on this team and the head coach has lost the locker room.  Carolina has the one problem that a few teams have that I thought would do well.  The quarterback injury is killing them.  With David Carr starting, Steve Smith is a non factor in most of these games.  The Falcons are 0-4 on the road and the Panthers are 0-3 at home.  Who wins??  Who cares!!  I pick the Falcons.  They do have a better running game and a better defense(which really isn't saying much).

Next up, Green Bay vs. the Vickings.  Brett Favre vs. Adrian Peterson.  This should be a very good game and one I am looking forword to.  Can the Packers run the ball??  Can the Vickings throw the ball??  Well, we know the Vicks can't throw the ball, nor can the cover.  Take the Packers for the season sweep.  Adrian Peterson will get his yards, but the secondary will let them down.

Denver vs. KC.  The Broncos have to be the most disappointing team of the AFC, next the Bengals.  KC is a team I just do not get.  They can run the ball, somewhat, but the passing game is as bad as the Ravens.  The seem to win inspite of the futile offense.  Due to the injuries the Broncos have sustained, go the KC, there are mad about last week.

The Bills vs the Dolphins.  The Dolphins are in more disarry then the Ravens and Bengals combined and the Bills are showing that they are not as bad as people thought they were.  I would keep JP in as qb until he does something stupid.  Take the Bills, hands down.

The Rams vs. the Saints.  If there is a team out there that has been beat up more then the Rams, please let me know.  The Rams are the most disappointing team in the NFC, next to the 49'ers and I do not see any relief insight for them.  The Saints are looking like the Saints from last year and if they get on a roll and stop the stupid play in the secondary, they could go a long way.  The Saints win easily.

Cleveland vs Pittsburgh.  The Browns are looking good on offense and Derrick Anderson is a pleasant surprise.  Braylon Edwards is turning into the beast we all thought he was, to bad the defense is sad.  The Steelers are who we thought they were.  The run the ball and play great defense.  What the new wrinkle is, Big Ben is starting to turn into a real quarterback.  In the past Ben has shown that if he has to throw more than 20 times, he would loose the game, but know I am impressed with how he has gone and forgot about last year.   I am taking the Steelers.  The Browns defense can't stop a cold.

Jacksonville vs Tennessee.  The Titans are winning inspite of Vince Young.  VY has not shown me that he can be that great quarterback in the NFL that everyone else thoought he would be.  LeDale White is a nice surprise and the defense has really stepped up.  The Jags are a another team that has passing problems.  Garrard is supposed to come back next week, but how affective will he be and can the Jags run against the Titans??  Until I am shown other wise, I am taking the Titans.

The Eagles vs the Redskins.  Let me say this upfront, I am not a Redskins fan, never have and never will, but after watching them run the ball against the Jets, they have shown that they can be a force.  The Eagles have been in trouble from the start.  Donovan McNabb, is not healthy and you can see it.  The Eagles seem not to want to get McNabb any kind of wide out help.  They do not have a number 1 receiver or a number 2 receiver for that matter, how can you expect them to do a lot.  I am picking the Redskins.

I will be back tomorrow with the late game picks and Monday night's game as well. 

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