Larry Mir, Cobra Kai Prospect Holdsworth To Compete at Tuff-N-Uff on Feb. 26

Todd JacksonSenior Analyst IFebruary 22, 2010

Photo of Chris Holdsworth courtesy of Ray Kasprowicz and Tuff-N-Uff

Las Vegas Nevada, aka Sin City, can be a very enticing place.  With so much to offer locals and tourists from all over the world, it's hard to imagine a person not finding their place of zen somewhere on that strip. 
For some it's entertainment, for others the night life, and for many it's just the euphoric atmosphere that comes along with all that is Vegas.  While the sights and sounds are many, each person visits or stays there for his or her own unique reason.
The biggest attraction of course is the roll of the dice, the spin of the wheel, the flip of a card:  Gambling has always been what sets Sin City apart from any other big towns out there.
Another very common and celebrated commodity in Las Vegas is the fight game.  Whether it be the sweet science or mixed martial arts, combat sports draw many fans into this glistening gem found in the Nevada desert.
Often referred to as the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas has been home to some of the greatest battles known to man, especially when considering the sport of MMA.  MMA has really taken the town by storm, with the explosion of the UFC and WEC brands calling Vegas their home base. 
Dana White and Reed Harris have done a fine job of making Vegas synonymous with timeless fights put on in the greatest sport in the world.  What many fight enthusiasts may not know is, White and Harris are not alone in their efforts.  Brothers Barry and Jeff Meyer also have been playing a vital role in Las Vegas MMA for quite some time now.
Barry and Jeff are president and vice president, respectively, of Tuff-N-Uff Future Stars of MMA .  TNU is not only the premier amateur promotion in Vegas but arguably in the entire country, much to the credit of the hard work of these two gentlemen.
They have earned the trust of the most elite gyms and fight camps in the world.  Frequent contributors of fighters to their event cards include Wand Fight Team, Xtreme Couture, Cobra Kai, Warrior, Tapout, and many more.
That in itself is all the validation one needs to understand what a professional and trusted organization TNU is.  They are above reproach, and their reputation precedes them throughout this sport.
Jeff Meyer was was kind enough to call in to The Truth Hurts on hurtsbad radio to talk about TNU's upcoming event on Friday, Feb. 26.
With a very exciting card on tap at the Orleans Hotel and Casino, Jeff shared his thoughts on what was sure to be an explosive night of fights. 
Jeff started by saying, "It's going to be an awesome show.  We've got Larry Mir (2-1), Frank's cousin, who is coming back to the TNU ring after an impressive 35 second victory in the first round over his last opponent."  Larry is currently engaged in a mix of fighters all vying for a shot at the TNU 145lb title. 
Larry is fighting in the main event on Friday against Garrett Day (0-1).  Both men are looking to make their fight THE main event one way or the other.  Mir has some momentum and a great head on his shoulders, and Day is still looking for his first amateur victory, so this should be a great fight. 
Jeff was giddy like a kid in a candy store talking about another match.  "Another exciting fight which is going to be hopefully one of the fights to remember on TNU's card is with a kid by the name of Chris Holdsworth (4-0), who is a  black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through Cobra Kai, through Marc Laimon." 
Jeff went on to say, "He's undefeated, fighting a kid named Gor Mnatsakanyan (5-0) who is also undefeated.  He fights out of another gym here called Filipino MMA.  Both kids are super scrappy and tough."  Anytime two fighters put their undefeated records on the line, its sure to be a good fight.
While Jeff may not choose sides per say, he speaks very highly of Holdsworth and obviously has a great amount of respect for him.  "This is a kid who is already an incredibly skilled athlete and does so much.  He teaches the student classes over at Cobra Kai, he has offered to teach our classes for Unity Through MMA 101 for free.  Just an all around cool cat, and I can't wait to see him fight man.  It's going to be awesome."
Jeff went on to say he feels Holdsworth may find his way to the WEC when the timing is right for his career.
Jeff also wanted to be sure and mention that it's not just local gyms that give TNU love and well-trained fighters to compete.  He was very excited to mention another up-and-coming warrior who just so happened to spend some time training with a certain UFC champ in the Aloha State.
"You know who else is fighting is Christy Tada a female fighter out here in Vegas.  Tada actually was in Hawaii for two weeks training with B.J. Penn.  TNU is becoming kind of a big deal if we've got girls out there with B.J. Penn training for a fight in our events, it's kind of cool." 
Once again the level of talent and training of these amateur fighters displays the type of reputation TNU has in this industry.  Sadly, after our interview, it turns out Ms. Tada had to pull out of her fight due to injury.  But no worries, surely she will get them next time; she still had the honor of training with the best lightweight the sport has ever known.
Overall, these are but a few points to be made about the upcoming Future Stars of MMA event.  Barry and Jeff never disappoint, and always offer the best fights.  If you find yourself in the area, do yourself a favor and drop in on this show; the value can't be beat in Vegas at $25 a seat.
And to add more to the excitement of the event, consider that with 13 fights on tap, many of the competitors are from those prestigious fight camps mentioned before.  Fighters out of both Xtreme Couture and Wand Fight team are competing Friday.  That opens the door for the opportunity to see some very famous fighters out of both camps in attendance.
Last time out, yours truly met Vitor Belfort and had the chance to cross paths with Randy Couture and Marc Laimon.  It would not be a surprise to see Frank Mir in attendance or even Dana White.  "Stitch" Duran has also been seen at TNU events. 
Point being these are star-studded events kids; whether they are the stars of today or the future stars of tomorrow, the stars are out in full force.