New York Yankees Beat Up: How Bad? Try 9 of Last 14 Lost and Slumping Onward

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IJuly 4, 2008

Hank, just tell us you have given it up this year, because no one likes getting beat up this much. 

Washington DC

July 4th, 2008

With the Yankees playing this bad so far, as Joe Giaridi finally admitted, Joey Chestnut was a sports fan saving "grace" this holiday weekend, for anyone living in the Yankee Universe. I say squeeze, dunk, and stuff on Joey me boy! 

Steal more fans away too, please, because that is the only thing to wake some of these spoiled brats up. In other words, take their money. 

It is not good at all considering they're half way through the season, the Sox just got swept, and the Yankees lost out on that oportunity like they are this series too. 

What could be worse? Try the Yankees having to face the Rays next.  Just mind boggling!  Even with Wang out, the Yankees have one of the best teams out there, but lack any heart.  A-Rod is especially symbolic of not having heart, as he frollics about the city with youg children at home.  Grow up, man!

Jeter said with a shrug while collecting nearly 20 million of fan donations, "We're just not playing well, or hitting well,"  making the manager look real bad in his first season back in NY.  You are paid by fans to hit, and do it, or don't play at all!

Let's face it, todays Yankees just don't like to win as much as Joe DiMaggios.  This Yankee will not be going to any games like he planned.  They are a disgrace to the Stadium in the final year of Babe Ruths' house, where Lou, Joltin Joe, Maris & Mick all played WIN. 

Sorry coach, kick their proverbial asses though, again! Fat, dumb and lazy is what they are, to say the least; and one needs a priest so he can make confession, if still Catholic at all. 

After going on one mean losing streak, losing four out of their last five games, and 9 out of their last 14, the NY Yankees have shown that a competitive drive is lost in their fat club house, as they are losing now five out of their last six, while scoring only four runs in as many losing games.  Look out below, 500, here the Yanks fall. 

Everyone likes to root for an underdog, but the Yankees are not an under dog with the highest of all payrolls, and it has been this way since 1999.  They spend the most, and now may be viewed as the "biggest losers" of all; regardless of winning the most championships of ANY team in ANY sport.

When you spend 200 million plus, you are expected to win a lot of games, and NY fans (who foot the bill) now have two losers in the baseball, which is shocking.  I just may end up pulling for the Mets, because the Yanks have all the talent in the world, but don't seem to have any "heart." Sorry Joey, you're all heart, but watch the cholesterol man and learn !

Willie Randolph, time to "swallow your pride" and come on home, the Yankees need you, because the only Rocket in NY this year might just get rained out, just as storms loom over NY possibly raining out the fireworks.

Hank is trying to shake it up again, and you may want to start by bringing Willie home to the bench, because he actually has six Championship rings, more than any player on the team right now, including the captain.  Jeter needs to help Giardi light a fire under the Yankees fat butt.

Take it for what it is fans, if Willie is a loser then he should feel right at home with the Yanks, who may have already given this season up.

For now, Chestnut is the King of New York, all the rest haven't even come close to this kids success, save the NY Giants "Perfect Upset" over the Patriots, which was a God Send in hindsight.          

Chestnut "roasted" the Yankees, pulling fans to actually root, and loudly for a man they can admire.  

Something Yogi Berra, who has 10 rings, said long ago, "Never quit til the last out of the last game." He certainly didn't mean to quit before the halfway point of the season. 

From this fans eyes the only Yankee with any heart is Jason Giambi, who may well win Comeback Player of the Year again. 

I would say Joba has heart, but he is being controlled too much, maybe the result of ex-emotional phenoms' now harsh words, Goose Gossage!  So I say the Giambino rules the Yankees.  He should be leading that team, since he overcame adversity, grew a mustache, and is now crushing all others on his team in run production. And he looks like my favorite Yankee of all time now too, Thurman Munson, but with shorter hair, which alone is a shocker.  It's true!  

Hey Chestnut, could you help Edwar Ramirez learn to eat some hot dogs too? He needs to gain weight big time, then that change up might have more affect, especially if he adds a little "umph" behind the fast ball.

At least A-Rods’ new affair with Madonna could serve to entertain his fans who pay his salary, because watching the highest paid player in all of baseball, and its’ history lose is not. Especially after just putting one controversy, after another to rest.  Meaning A-Rods flirting with the opt out, then Canseco, now it's Madonna! SHE IS 50 SOMETHING!  The affair is not entertaining, to say the least, especially to the Rodriguez’s children. 

Mr. AND Mrs. Rodgriguez have both disgraced their kids with their extreme selfishness, and left fans of the Yankees dealing with one bombshell after another. This isn't a soap opera- this is baseball?

With NY Fans showing up in loud support for Joey Chestnut, it seems as though the Yanks revenue may just go to the “DOGS.”

Hank, you would do well do bring back Giambi, Pettitte, and Moose next year too. That is, if you want to win still.  Need to save money, then fire Cashman, and his boy Pavano..but why listen to fans, right?  We just pay to watch you loose.  You got my emails, along with a myriad of other fans, didn't you? 

Things could have been different with a line up that is relentless.  Instead, keep Abreu in right (wall shy and lazy), and sit Damon or Matsui when they're healed up, because they have offense. I am saying this, the Yankees need a sense of URGENCY.

With Matsui, Cabrera (or Gardner) and Damon the outfield is better, and so are the bats, which have been dead silent this season. Anyone in the outfield is better than Abreu, who costs more runs than he earns. Newsfalsh, now Damon is hurt too while flying into the wall, robbing a homer...get the hint ABREU! 

JD Drew's homer ring a bell, you non jumpin girlie boy!  It sickens me to watch Abreu play out there, where Roger Maris played, sometimes the Mick, and Paul O'Neil!  None were wall shy, and noone ever pulled up on flies either. 

With Damon, Matsui, and Cabrera playing (when healthy again) along with Giambi at first all bats are in the game, and so is the defense...but no, why win?

Keep Molina playing for Posada when resting his poor sore shoulder, because Benji  can't hit at all, and it is in line with just giving up. Moeller is better at the plate, and just as good defensively. 

Hey Hank, how about getting Sabathia instead of keeping all these kids?  You would if you wanted to win, and CC is not Johan who had tendinitis, and a scoped elbow while looking for 6 years.  No, I am not for selling the farm, but why have the farm take over the joint?

The Wilkes- Berry Scranton Yankees, or Trenton Thunder might do better than Girardi's team so far, who plays Betemet over Giambi, forcing Damon or Matsui (the best hitters) to sit , and leaving the HUGE hole in right allowing for more runs to score. DH ABREU! Instead of playing Betemet for Cano, who couldn't slump more if he tried. Recently he said, "I would give up my hits for a win," holy sheep dogs!  Stunning.  What Robbie, you're whole .250 average? It was lower a week ago too. If you hit more, they would win more. Just pathetic. 

Paulie could do well for these guys as a hitting coach, because they dont take balls, and dont know how to foul them off on purpose.  FOUL BALLS BURN A PITCHERS ARM UP, BOYS. It is all consistent with rolling over this year. Cabrera and Cano need to realize that they are expendable, "dontcha know that Milk men" are a dime a dozen?

Want to win with Wang injured, then just hire Rocket for the pen, or for the 5th spot. His splits in the first two innings are less than a one ERA if in the pen, and he was a 4.5 ERA last year..which is better than most right now!  Get Bonds for offense too. Cheaters? Give us a break, cheating has been going on forever.  Ever hear of greenies?  Amphetamines have been in ball since the 1950s! And steroids have been in ball since the 1960s, so dont give us that excuse.

Kids Waxman? Please, with legalized late term abortions, and interns being abused you could give a sheeps' tail about our kids!

OR just let George Mitchell, and Dick Waxman manage this team entirely! 

I am done ranting now, sorry fans. Yankees just lost again, now two in row to the Sox, after a thorough lashing by TEXAS, amongst many others.  We get to lose to the Rays next too!  In other words I am one ticked Yankee fan.   

Off to eat a dog...

Go Joey Chestnut!


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