NY Daily News Refuted: McCready-Roger Clemens Report Bogus

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IMay 7, 2008

Jennifer Ryan Sirbaugh, of Fort Meyers, Florida, was best friends with Mindy McCready back in the 1990s. They worked together, lived together, and shared the same car. As youngsters, not of age, she contends the two used fake IDs to get into dance clubs, and bars.

After reading the Daily News article, stating that Clemens had a 10-year affair with Mindy McCready, Sirbaugh was compelled to set the record straight, even though she was not partial to Roger Clemens.

Mrs. Sirbaugh called in to Fort Meyers' News and reported that Mindy McCready never had sex with Roger Clemens (NY Daily News Mislead No. 1). She refuted the "un-named sources" of the Daily News, stating that "McCready was 17 years old in  1993, when she first met Clemens. Not 15 in 1991, as the New York Daily News reported," (Daily News Mislead No. 2).

"I think it was wrong, that it is being reported she was 15,'' Sirbaugh says. "There is absolutely no way that is true."

"The first night they met, they did not have sex at all," Sirbaugh recollected, "McCready wasn't going to just give it up for anyone," (Daily News Mislead No. 3).

"Mindy had this way about her,'' Sirbaugh says. This may be the same teary eyed actor that the Daily News Reported on, in a matter of fact manner. "She led guys to believe they had a chance, but she was never promiscuous,'' exclaimed Sirbaugh.

Sirbaugh says the two met at The Bridge (a reggae bar) during Spring Training in 1993, and not at the Hired Hand Saloon, singing karaoke in 1990, as reported by the Daily News (DN Mislead No. 4). 

She recalls specifics, which lends her more credibility. Jennifer then refutes the Daily News, yet again, saying that they went to the Sheraton located in downtown Fort Myers, and not a resort on Sanibel (DN Mislead No. 5).

"At some point, she called and told me she was at the Sheraton with Roger Clemens,'' Sirbaugh says. Then says McCready returned to their apartment the next day dejected.

"She arrived home mid-morning claiming they had not had sex,'' Sirbaugh says, "but that Clemens had left a $100 bill on a bedside table for her, presumably to get a cab home.''

When asked if she believed McCready then, she answered "Yes, (McCready) never spoke of him again after that night.''

Mrs. Sirbaugh contends that her roommate was the very definition of "a tease."

"McCready told me she did not sleep with Clemens,'' Sirbaugh says. "It would not surprise me if there was no sex at all. She was all about the attention.''

Might it be possible that a "teary-eyed" country star, looking for a way back into the limelight after her own drug ridden fall from grace, might ingratiate, or lead society on by not offering to comment, or refute allegations in order to get attention? 

According to Sirbaugh, McCready was all about the attention and teasing. Did the Daily News take advantage of a physically abused, down and out drug addict in order to sell more papers, and further defame the Yankee ace?  

When she was asked about her accuracy in recollecting the events, Sirbaugh said, "I can assure you that my memory of the meeting is 100 percent accurate. I have told that story so many times over the years that I have never forgotten it.''

So, the only questions left are:

1) Will Richard Emery still call on McCready to "sing a little story" in lieu of Sirbaughs' revelations? 

2.) Will people still view the Daily News as a credible source of information, considering they hired four investigators, and still got this story so wrong? 

Maybe The Daily News just really wanted "McCreadys' Song" to be true, so they could make the big advertising dollar, which comes with a sensationalized story. So, maybe they just kind of went with it.

Nothing like taking advantage of a drug addicted, pysically abused, and dejected ex-country drama star looking to make a come back. Pretty irresponsible way of doing business, considering that its credibility is key to paying its employees.

More proof of bias by The New York Daily News coming soon, in a future article. Stay tuned.