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daniyyel orantesContributor IFebruary 22, 2010

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 15:  Kirk Morrison #52 and Thomas Howard #53 of the Oakland Raiders celebrate after a defensive play against the Kansas City Chiefs during an NFL game at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on November 15, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

I'm curious whatever happened to the raider defense people used to be scared the defense that had stars at every positon now you look at our defense and you have people that are old past there prime or players not playing to their potential..the raider defense doesn't know were to begin on stopping the run the pass we can somewhat contain but the run kills us now i know that when your on the field the wholetime you get rundown now i know this from personnel experience i played on both side of the ball the whole season everygame granted these are pro's but shouldn't that mean they work harder and are more gifted....but i'm starting to get off topic.. let me break down the defense to what i see fits..


       C                    E  DT  NT  E                            C

                         LB      LB        LB

                SS                                        FS  

Defensive Line: our biggest hole is at NT we have no one to fill that hole their is promise in tommy kelly but with no true NT he doesn't have much impact kelly is our version of a Raheem Brock from the Colts he can play DT or End.. we need a disruptive NT to take double team to free up kelly or the ends i want to see a freeagent get picked like wilfork,picket or even through the draft Mt. cody bring him in here instant upgrade...

DT i think kelly is a really good DT and byrant is also a good dt that showed promise they make a young good 3 tech rotation don't mess with dt solid as of now...

Ends: Ellis,seymour,J-Rich,/trevor, Matt, Greyson well with ellis having athritis in his knee he doesn't have to much left in him though i do really like him he was somewhat productive he is getting up there in years as well don't really know how much he can handle has a fulltime starter.. seymour i really like too i would love to see him slim down to a nice 280 man he would get back to being dominant no doubt he still has gas left in the tank i want to see him back but as a LE.. J-rich i never really saw him get loose and don't see it happening..trevor i thought was going to be our RE since derrick B we haven't had anyone to really keep Qb's up at night i though he was it than he was moved to LB let him put 10lbs on get 265 that way he doesn't get pushed around and gets back to being our RE.. matt has potential but lets see what he can do this up coming season.. Greyson somewhat unknown he is an Al guy so don't be surprised if he creeps in this season

Linebackers: lets start with the player people aren't to high on Thomas howard now i think this guy has talent he has size speed and smarts to be elite.. but i think he's out of position at UTEP he covered TE and even shutdown vernon davis whole people consider to be an elite talent i would like to see the raiders keep him and blanket TE work on his coverage skills and work in space better that way he can drop into coverage or blanket TE or RBs.. Kirk Morrison one of the better LB we've had in a while but people say move him i say do what ever is best for him and the team but he has to stay as long as we get someone to better or at least do the same job as he did i'm all for it but it has to be addressed via free agency or draft no real inhouse options.. the other LB position is open which could be filled by kirk or a pick up in free agency or.. draft i would love the pick up of dansby, ryans rudd or mcclain..

Cornerbacks: Nnamdi didn't play like he did last year still 1st-2nd best in the league your good kid...chris play slipped in 09 and routt lets not even mention.. we need to start looking for chris's future/present replacement maybe dunta robinson, bodden, or someone else from free agency.. could be picked up to push chris to the slot making a very strong corner trio or even some one from the draft kyle wilson, arenas.. as for routt get him of there..

Safety's.. tyvon branch had a very strong season some even say next year pro bowl if he keeps it up some i'm happy with branch.. huff like the way he stepped it up early in the season but has to be consistent with his play if not he could be tried at corner.. mitchell didn't get a chance to do very much but if huff doesn't work out put mitchell and branch at safteys both hitters and both runners either one could play FS or SS

my 2010 starting line up as i would like them in order by pos..

     C                   E            DT          NT                 E                        C

   Nnamdi            Seymour    Kelly       wilfork           Scott                  Dunta

                         Ellis         byrant     Mt. cody       Matt                   Bodden

                                                     pickett                                  Chirs J

                            LB                    MLB                  LB

                           Howard            Dansby               Kirk




                        SS                                                       FS

                      Branch                                                   Huff

                     Mitchell                                                  Mitchell

                      huff                                                       branch


with some of these changes defense will be much improved an get back in the top 5 or top 10 defenses in the nfl leave me a comment let me know what you think.. will be posting up more stuff very soon!!!!



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