UFC 110: Velasquez Wins a Title Shot and Wandy Finally Wins

Colton WhittemoreCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 21: UFC fighter Cain Velasquez battles UFC fighter Minotauro Nogueira during their Ultimate Fighting Championship world heavyweight fight at Acer Arena on February 21, 2010 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)
Mark Nolan/Getty Images

UFC 110 was a beautiful night of fights, starting with Mirko Cro Cop's bloody TKO win over Anthony Perosh, and ending with Cain Velasquez's beautiful KO win over Antonio Minotauro Nogueira.

In between those, however, was the real action. There was enough good fighting to last anyone the month until UFC 111. In this article, I am going to recap the UFC 110 main card. Now, on to the main event.

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Anthony Perosh

This fight was a great way to start things off for UFC 110. Mirko Cro Cop was coming off of a one-sided loss to Junior dos Santos and needed a win here to keep his UFC career alive. He found it against Anthony Perosh. For much of the fight, Cro Cop looked like the better fighter.

In the first round, Cro Cop out-struck the Australian Perosh, eventually leading to Perosh shooting for many takedowns. All were blocked by Cro Cop without any effort. Later in that round, Cro Cop opened up a nasty gash on the forehead of Perosh, causing the fight to get stopped momentarily. When the fight resumed, Cro Cop again looked dominant, blocking all takedowns with ease. Eventually the fight was called off due to the cut.

Result: Cro Cop wins via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 5:00 of Round Two

Ryan Bader vs. Keith Jardine

This fight was another good one, pitting the up-and-comer against the grizzled veteran (with the glass jaw). Bader looked good in the first round, taking Jardine down and landing a few good shots. In the second round, however, Jardine started to get into a groove, blocking takedown after takedown and out-striking Bader for much of the round.

It all came apart for Jardine in the third round, however. Jardine took a straight right to the jaw about midway through the round. Bader followed that up with a flying knee, and when that didn't really work, Bader threw a left hook that hit Jardine flush on the chin. We all know that Jardine can't take a good punch, so you can imagine the result.

Result: Ryan Bader wins by KO (Punch) @ 2:10 of Round Three

After this fight, Ryan Bader should be able to call himself a top 205-pounder. He is undefeated, and he has now beaten a proven veteran definitively. A fight with the winner of Brandon Vera vs. Jon Jones would be cool, especially if it's against Jones.

It's harder to say what's next for Jardine. He shouldn't be released, seeing as how valuable he is, but I can't think of any sensible fights for him right now. Maybe a fight against Krsysztof Soszynski?

George Sotiropoulos vs. Joe Stevenson

If there were an Upset of the Night award, Sotiropoulos surely would have won. How many people expected Stevenson to lose? Not me. But lose he did. Sotiropoulos made Joe Stevenson look really bad on the ground. And standing up. Sotiropoulos pretty much did everything better than Stevenson. That's all there is to it.

Going over it by round is pointless. The only real threat Stevenson posed in the fight was when he had a leg lock in the second round, and even then Sotiropoulos wriggled out of it in about three seconds. After this fight, Sotiropoulos deserves to be called a top-five lightweight.

Result: George Sotiropoulos defeats Joe Stevenson by Unanimous Decision

Sotiropoulos shouldn't get a fight against the 155 elite yet. He needs one more lower-tiered fight first, and I think he should fight Efrain Escudero. Their styles pose significant problems against each other and Escudero will really be looking to rebound after losing his last fight.

As for Stevenson, he will probably rebound from this latest loss and come back stronger. If Gray Maynard doesn't already have a fight booked, sign these two together. That fight would be excellent.

Wanderlei Silva vs. Michael Bisping

Wow. What a great fight. Silva looked better than he has in a long time, and Bisping again showed off his weak chin.

The fight got off to a quick start, with Silva throwing leg kicks and quick jabs. Bisping threw a body kick that was caught by Silva. Silva kicked Bisping's other leg out from under him, and then went into Bisping's guard.

The second round was more-evenly matched. Bisping looked a bit more comfortable, throwing a lot of kicks, and not wheeling right into Silva's power hand. At the end of the round, Bisping shot for a takedown, and succeeded, only to fall right into a very tight guillotine choke by Silva. It looked like Silva was going to end the fight right there, but Bisping somehow managed to stay conscious and survive to round three.

Silva easily won round three, adding another leg kick/trip takedown to his list and connecting on a lot of hard punches. Late in that round, Bisping was dropped by a deadly combo thrown by Silva, and barely managed to hold on until the end of the fight.

Result: Wanderlei Silva beats Michael Bisping by Unanimous Decision

Silva showed that he may still have something left in the tank. He looked fit, and he had that same hungry look in his eyes all throughout this fight. His next bout should be against Yoshihiro Akiyama.

Bisping again shows how much of a pansy he is, losing his second fight out of three tries. He was close to not even finishing this fight twice. If he loses again, his contract should be terminated. However, until then, he should fight Nate Marquardt.

Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira

This fight showed us two things: Cain Velasquez is now a legitimate dual threat, striking and grappling, and Big Nog can get KO'd. Look it up on YouTube. Many people thought Big Nog had the striking advantage going into this fight. But not anymore. Velasquez out-struck Big Nog for about a minute and a half, eventually landing eight clean punches in a row, and those are what ended it.

Result: Cain Velasquez defeats Minotauro Nogueira via KO (Punches) at 2:20 of Round One

For Velasquez, his next fight should be against Brock Lesnar for the title. Velasquez has beaten all of his opponents convincingly in his UFC career, and after beating Big Nog, a title shot is only fair.

Velasquez poses an interesting matchup for Lesnar. Velasquez is quicker, more athletic, and the better striker. He also has the wrestling background to hold Lesnar's in check. Velasquez will win that fight. You heard it here first.

For Big Nog, his next fight should be against the loser of Shane Carwin vs. Frank Mir. That fight would be great against either of them.

UFC 110, as stated above, was a great night of fights, and is only the beginning of a great fight card lineup in the future.

Well, thank you for reading my article. If you have any opinions, please leave a comment or message me. Look for my next article, The Top 10 Light-Heavyweights in the UFC, sometime next week.


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