Bring Back D.J Hackett, and Cut Branch

matt christensenContributor IFebruary 18, 2010

SEATTLE - JANUARY 05:  Wide receiver D.J. Hackett #18 of the Seattle Seahawks celebrates after he catches a 20-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter against the Washington Redskins during the NFC Wild Card game at Qwest Field on January 5, 2008 in Seattle, Washington.  (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

In 2006 the Seahawks traded for star wide receiver Deion Branch, to go along with star wide receiver Darrell Jackson, in the 2007 the Seahawks traded Jackson to the 49ers to give Branch the chance to take the number one wide receiver spot. Since then Branch has not been able to take that role, and is now Seattle’s third option in the passing game.

Branch has come out and said he would love to be back in New England back with his old quarterback Tom Brady. I got one word for you Branch, GO.

We don’t want you, and we don’t need you, I would take Koren Robinson over Branch right now. Branch has done nothing since he has been here not all his fault no one can prevent injuries, but it would be nice to at least slow them down Branch.

Now here is what I think Seattle should do dump Branch, or trade him for a late round pick, and get DJ Hackett. Hackett like Branch got hurt a lot when on the field, but never could stay on it long enough. However Hackett is younger, bigger, faster, and cheaper. Hackett left Seattle after 2007 to become the number two wide guy along side Steve Smith for the panthers, however he kept getting hurt. 

Hackett was Seattle’s number two guy when on the field in 2007. He might have been our best Wide receiver too.

In Hackett's last year with Seattle he started only six full games, and only played in 3 full games. In two of his starts he got over 100 yards, and in a playoff game that year Hackett came up big as he racked up 101 yards, and the game winning touchdown reception to give Seattle the lead against the Washington Redskins.

Lets be honest I'm not saying Hackett will be the next big think, but he’s a big receiver at 6'2 unlike Branch, and he brings good speed for us.