Pittsburgh Penguins' 2010 Trade Deadline Rhyme

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2010

With a ton of trade deadline articles and blogs floating around the Internet I thought I’d try and do something a bit different and have some fun with the topic.


Here is my Pittsburgh Penguins 2010 Trade Deadline Rhyme...enjoy!


There is a hockey team who resides in Pittsburgh PA


They may not quite be the same group come trade deadline day


The black & gold are defending Lord Stanley in 2010


Can Shero make the right moves to help them win it again?


They are strong down the middle with Sid, Geno & Staal


But could use more goals from the wings, the centers can’t score them all


Can the Pens land a Ponikarovsky, Torres or even Whitney the Hurricane


It may be very tough as trade deadline prices tend to be rather insane


They have plenty of offensive-minded puck rushers along their blue line


Adding some grit and size on the backend, however, would suit them just fine


You can look towards Andy Sutton or perhaps Aaron Ward


Hopefully, one of these stay at home physical defensemen the Pens can afford


The puck stoppers in net should be able to get the job done


With “Johnny” as the backup and “The Flower” as the number one


Now, what do they give up to try and make their team better?


Hopefully, not high draft picks for rentals that will only briefly wear the Penguins sweater


They may need to move a roster player to clear some cap space


But you have to be weary of chemistry issues when a popular teammate is the one you replace


Hopefully, we can attain a quality player for simply a mid-round pick


Ray pulled it off last year when he snagged Billy Guerin…..now that move was slick


The team is quite solid with its roster as it sits today


But solid may not be enough during the playoff grind to go all the way


The speculation is rampant, the rumors are all around


Will that missing championship piece be out there to be found?  


I have faith in Ray to make the right personnel decisions 


And I will look towards the Spring with sweet Stanley Cup visions


Who knows if the moves to the Pens will be large or just tweaks


I guess we will find out shortly after these two Olympic weeks


One thing is for certain, hockey’s Holy Grail will be tough to defend


But hopefully Lord Stanley will remain in Pittsburgh when the playoff battle comes to an end


Let’s Go Pens!


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