Washed Up In Washington? Why Clinton Portis Isnt As Done As You Think.

Devon Beckford JrContributor IFebruary 17, 2010

Sitting down last night browsing around the Internet for Redskins information, I came across a quote from Santanna Moss. It was really long, but basically in short he was talking about how the Giants knew everything that the Redskins offense was going to do. Before they did it!

Now I won't spend to much time on Moss but it got me thinking. The O-Line was so bad that the whole offense became predictable, and frankly it had been predictable since the Redskins were 6-2 in 2008. How are you supposed to move the chains if you can't do a simple five-step drop or run the ball?

So with that being said why is everybody so quick to call Clinton Portis washed up? But then cry for Jason Campbell? Were they not playing behind the same O-line? Seriously I think it's the built in Campbell excuse that people use because they still think he's a rookie. Well I've got news for you the guy is 28, same age as Portis closer to 30 than he is 21.

So is he washed up? He might be, but I don't think so. Clinton Portis like his attitude or not for a long time was the only good thing the Redskins offense had going. Nobody wants to talk about how we jumped on his back all the way to the playoffs for Joe Gibbs where he had six straight 100-yard games.

Or how we squandered his 2008 MVP campaign because Jason Campbell and the offense couldn't figure out how to pass the ball down the stretch. Or how good of a blind side protector he is, maybe we should talk about how he hurt his shoulder for the season on a hustle play to make a tackle on an interception in the 2006 preseason.

I admit Clinton Portis says some things that he shouldn't but that's who he is and always has been even in Denver. Yes he might not have been in the best shape, but I bet you he will be this year. He would be crazy not to this is the system that made him all the money he has now. I do believe we should look to draft a tailback in the draft just for a better home run threat.

But believe me when I tell you Clinton Portis has another 1,000-yard year in him and if you let him go I'm telling you its going to be a mistake. Because hes going to go somewhere with a O-line and he's going to light it up.

For example people give him a lot of heat for calling for Mike Sellers to be benched. But answer me this question if I was paid to be your body guard and you was shot twice on my watch would you want me replaced? So dont be to quick to waive off CP because he very well could end up being the comeback player of the year for 2010.