Does Charles Barkley Own a Rap Album? A Brief ASG 2010 Rant

Ray StoneCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2010

Barkley is so terribly offbeat on “this is a box, a box that rocks" Taco Bell commercial which features him and Lamar Odom. That advertisement ran about two million times this weekend.

In his own words, “That’s just turrble!”

What brother can't bust a little rap, Chuck?  What's up with that?


Good Show

The game itself was pretty good as far as ASGs go.  The guys put on a show early and it got tight down the stretch just the way you want it.  

The silly fouls at the end were strange.  But it's only an exhibition and all for fun anyway.  A good time was had by all.

I'm looking forward to the days when Brandon Jennings, Tyreke Evans, and company are pushing the tempo and handling the ball in future All-Star Games.  

No doubt there are some talented young guards on the way. The NBA Rookies beat the sophomores for the first time this year.       

All-Star Game 2010 was definitely a Texas-sized show all around, although the Slam Dunk Competition was a big letdown. 

The league has to do something to spice that up.  


Grow Up TNT

Ernie, Chuck, Chris Webber, and Kenny usually do a good job of being straightforward. The show is very entertaining, don’t get me wrong.  

But on a serious note, the barrage of fat jokes and skits of Chuck stuffing doughnuts down or whatever is getting to be way too much. 

It is becoming buffoonery. 

I thought Tyler Perry’s Mr. Brown was the only fat clown dancing around on TNT. They need to chill with that.  Barkley needs to watch the line between having fun and over the top ignorance.  

He should have some self respect.

Not to mention we live in a country where obesity is a serious problem. Especially childhood obesity. 

I know Barkley is no role model.  But come on.  Giggling about being fat and lazy, and talking about how much you love to eat all the time is really not a laughing matter. 

Unless they are going to make jokes and skits about high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol too?  Because that is the inevitable results of eating and looking like that. 

Here we are with a health care crisis in our country—that is really not funny anymore.


It’s Gotta Be the Shoes

Lastly, the shoe companies and the shoes that the guys wear in the game are getting ridiculous. 

It used to be that the ASG Special Edition of a player’s signature shoe was pretty cool.  Some shoe enthusiasts might have wanted to collect or even wear them. 

But now it looks like a contest to see who can make the loudest color clown shoes that they can.  Anything to draw some attention.

Just turrble.

No one is going to want to wear those shoes.  It is clearly just a marketing gimmick gone out of control. 

The companies want you to know who is wearing what, in a red carpet kind of fashion. 

Daddy David Stern put a dress code on players off the court; maybe he should have them tone down the clown kicks in the ASG?

Enough is enough.