What The Seahawks Need to Do In The Next Couple Years

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What The Seahawks Need to Do In The Next Couple Years
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Ok, So the Seattle Seahawks will be one of the most talked about teams in the NFL for the first time since they were (in my humble non biased opinion) screwed out of a Super Bowl victory. Pete Carroll has a lot of work to do so I am going to step by step in what they need to do to bring this franchise back to both the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

First and foremost, Offensive line Seriously, I've been a fan of the Seahawks for as long as I've been watching football, and to this point in my life I've never seen more changes and injuries to an offensive line. On top of that when you're counting on young guys like Unger and Willis to maintain an offensive line without the tutoring on field of a future Hall of Famer like Walter Jones you're bound to have a horrible time guarding your quarterback and opening holes for your backs. 

Quaterback, now this is a touchy subject because I've suffered through Rick Mier, Jon Kitna, Warren Moon*at the end of his carrer* I have nothing but love and respect for Matt Hasselbeck he in my mind is a future HoF'er and Ring of Honor Member, but his time is slowly winding down. Now with our sixth pick in this years draft I'm suggesting Jimmy Clausen out of Notre Dame, he is the most NFL ready quarterback I've ever seen and he is about 110% more durable than Sam Bradford and has better accuracy and arm strength then Colt McCoy, I'm almost positive they'll go with Clausen at six but I could be wrong. And if you give Clause one maybe two years behind Hasselbeck with the Mike Holmgren ties added to Charlie Weis' teachings you'll have one hell of a quarterback.

Running Backs and Full Backs, as huge a fan of Notre Dame footbal as I am Julius Jones has gotta go. At 14 I see the 'Hawks going with CJ Spiller from Clemson if he drops to 14 we've gotta take him and run a two back system with Forsett and Spiller. Justin Griffith has served his purpose as a teacher to former WVU standout Owen Schmitt it's time to let that beast loose and have him open up some holes for Spiller and Co.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends, The one part of the Seahawks team that has little room for concern, cause if healthy the Seahawks have one of the most talented pools of Receiver talent in the NFL, Nate Burleson is an all purpose guy with semi-dependable hands and the ability to make the big catch. Deon Butler is a guy I'm looking forward to seeing in a Seahawks uniform for a long time he is Penn States all time leading receiver and is a game breaker with his speed. TJ Houshmazadaha is your security blanket he'll make a triple covered catch in traffic if you get the ball to him. Deion Branch I'm not too sure will return this year. John Carlson is going to be hands down the best tight end in football for years to come he'll be a Todd Heap, Dallas Clark, Tony Gonzalez type guy and he's a hard nosed guy who will help in the blocking scheme.

Defensive End, Darryl Tapp and Lawrence Jackson are good they're not great but they're serviceable and have great talent get the right coaching and they can be a top tier tandem coming off the ends. This is something that needs addressed in the draft is some guys to come in and give Tapp and Jackson a break. Patrick Kerney I'm not sure if he's here or gone so I'm going to assume gone and not gonna be back.

Defensive Tackle, I think this is Brandon Mebanes make or break year Colin Cole proved last year that he is capable of holding the line, because it's not that Seattles defense was bad last year it's just tough to be good all the time when you're on the field 80% of the game. This is a position that needs depth and should be addressed in the draft.

Linebacker, the best position on the Seahawks team, Lofa Tatupu, Aaronn Curry, Leroy Hill, David Hawthorne, and DD Lewis. They're the heart and soul of the D and the only position on the team that doesn't need any tweaking or help from the draft.

Corners and Safety, Ok, this is quite possibly the most depressing thing about this defense, you've got a bunch of guys with astronomic speed and they can't play with half assed receivers in the NFL they're all under 6 feet tall and the only two players that can hit with an force are Trufant and Grant the rest of the guys should be receivers the only problem is they can't catch the football. This is the position Pete Carroll seriously needs to address and fast. If you can't stop the other team from scoring it won't matter if the 'Hawks score 100 points if the other team scores 101 points they still win.

As a long time Seahawks fan I'm tired of moral victories I want a super bowl title and the talent is there, the draft picks are there, the coaching staff is there, it's just a matter of putting it all together. I have all the faith in the world for Pete Carroll, please don't let me and 12th man down, Please Pete.

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