Indianapolis Colts Choke Again On The Arm Of Peyton Manning

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IFebruary 8, 2010


Mike Reiss - ESPN Boston: Peyton Manning is a great quarterback, but what we learned tonight in Super Bowl XLIV is this: He’s no Tom Brady in the pressure moment on the game’s biggest stage.

Looking to lead the Colts back from a 24-17 fourth-quarter deficit against the Saints, Manning threw an interception that cornerback Tracy Porter returned 74 yards for a touchdown, a key play in New Orleans' 31-17 upset victory.
It was a costly mistake,

the kind of miscue that Brady, in his four Super Bowl appearances, never made in the critical fourth-quarter situation.

Even in the Patriots’ Super Bowl loss to the Giants, Brady had led a fourth-quarter drive for a touchdown before the defense couldn’t hold.

For all the stories that were written over the last week about which quarterback was the best of the decade – Brady or Manning – one aspect was overlooked: How Manning would lead the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV.

If you measure a quarterback by how he responds in the pressure moments on the game’s biggest stage, the debate ended with authority tonight.
I am not a Patriots fan, however I respect them for being winners, being the best franchise of the decade and having the best quarterback of the last decade, and maybe more.

I am very happy the Saints won and have helped make the Colts even more of the Atlanta Braves of the NFL, and have helped remind us that Peyton Manning is 9-9 in the playoffs with 28 TD's and 19 Ints, not exactly the unbeatable player the media had you believe for the last 2 weeks.

With that said, it is interesting how coaches are perceived. Sean Payton is a great coach, it’s pretty obvious, but isn’t it funny how the reaction to certain calls are always solely based on the result of the decision.

You have all the experts lauding Payton for the onside kick, saying it was a great call and how much confidence he has in his team to execute the play, and how that type of aggressive coaching is what you need to win championships. What would the reaction have been had it not worked, and had the Colts scored or won the game? These are the same people who call Belichick arrogant, cocky, etc for his aggressive coaching. Belichick was accused of not trusting his defense, he not respecting the colts.

On top of that, Peyton Manning walks off the field without shaking a single hand and it’s just a matter of Peyton allowing the other team to enjoy their moment. Hypocrisy is a funny thing isn't it?

It's just interesting how these things are handled depending on the type of relationship a person has with the media.

Bottom line is the Colts lost that game because the unbeatable Peyton Manning threw an interception in the most critical moment of the game. Something that Tom Brady has not done in any of his Superbowl

As the excuses pour in, blame being pointed at Reggie Wayne rather than the quarterback, I again am fascinated by the hypocrisy that is exhibited by the sports media.

Tom Brady holds the record for most consecutive wins in the playoffs with 10. Peyton Manning has 9 total playoff wins in his career. Tom Brady has won more consecutive games than Peyton Manning has won in his 12 year career.