Sports: Some of Them Just Aren't Sports

Sam PeckContributor IJuly 1, 2008

There are a lot of things trying to pass themselves off as sports these days.


No I'm not talking about so called action sports like skateboarding or kite surfing which really are sports.


I'm talking about games, activities and side shows that are definitely not sports, but which have somehow crept into the world of sport.


Let's be clear, just because something airs on ESPN or FSN, does not mean that it's a sport. So, in no particular order, here's my list of non-sports that have appeared recently on sports networks:

1) Poker—This is a game, and a good game at that, but come on people. Let's just start the Poker Channel and put all that Texas Hold 'Em in one place.

2) Cheer leading—This is an activity. Oh sure, I can appreciate the athleticism, choreography and synchronized hair ribbons, but ladies and gentlemen...not a sport.

3) Pool—Anything that can be played professionally while drinking beer is a game not a sport (see poker).

4) Arm Wrestling—This is a side show and a boring one at that...unless somebody snaps a wrist bone.

5) Spelling Bee—Oh come on.

6) Table Tennis—
Okay these guys are amazing to watch and they look like pretty good athletes, but you and I both know this is a game.

7) Darts—…

8) Bowling—Okay forget the beer part. This one kind of resembles a sport (professional association, long history, some legendary figures, etc.).


However, at the end of the day it's a bunch of paunchy white guys in bad pants. Game—same could be said of Golf had Tiger not come along and saved it.

9) Bull Riding—Watch it all the time. Love the atmosphere. Love the simplicity. Love the bull riders and especially love the bulls.


These guys are athletes, but this is not a sport.


This is an activity that a bunch of bored cowboys made up so they wouldn't start making out with each other during those long cattle drives.


While I will hold on to the notion that this is not a true sport, after 50 years or so of climbing down, tying in and holding on, it deserves a spot on TV.

10) Competitive Eating—This is not so much side show as freak show.


The fact that kobayashi is a sex symbol in Japan should say enough about how wrong this is.


What's next? Competitive arm farting? Slip and Slide Championships? Kite Flying? Good lord...burp!