The 2010 NFL Draft: Who Will Be The Stars and Who Will Be The Fails?

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The 2010 NFL Draft: Who Will Be The Stars and Who Will Be The Fails?
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There is always talk about the NFL Draft right after the Sperbowl. Of course its also a huge time for trading in the NFL. I will attempt to break down the 2010 Mock NFL Draft.

10. JacksonvilleJags- Joe Haden- CB- Florida- Seems to be a good pick. The Jags need help in their secondary so this is a great help.

9-Bufallo Bills- Anthony Davis- OT- Rutgers- Only 6 running Touchdowns for the Bills this year. Average a little over 4 yards a carry. Oviously they need help in their running game so this is a great choice.

8. Okland Raiders- Brian Price- DT- UCLA- The Raiders have gotten 37 sacks this season, forced 13 fumbles, and got 1109 total sacks this season. Their defence looks pretty solid. I think they shoudl be looking for a QB or HB.

7. Cleveland Browns- Dez Bryan- WR- Oklahoma St.- The Browns are in a very though confrence with the AFC North, this confrence is known for its tough defence's. So anything for the offence would be good right now, but i was thinking more of a quarterback. I would not want Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson as my starting quarterback.

6. Seattle Seahawks- Sam Bradford- QB- Oklahoma- Seattle already has a good quaterback in Matt Hasselbeck. And Sam Bradford being hurt all season, it can't help. I think that Seattle needs help on their defence, most likely their secondary.

5. Kansas City Cheifs- Russell Okung- OT- Oklahoma St.- I think that the lose of Larry Johnson hurt them, but they need defece. The best offence is a good defence and thats a law every team should live by. So i think that they should get someone that will help thier defence.

4. Washington Redskins- Jimmy Clausen- QB- Notre Dame- I think that Jimmy Clausen will be the next Bardy Quinn. Out from Notre Dame, but will not have success in the NFL. I think that the Redskins should go for a Wide Reciever or a Safty.

3. Tampa Bay Bucs- Eric Berry- S- Tennessee- A great Safty but Tampa Bay is struggling offencivly. Mostly in recieving. Their number one reciever averages only 11 yard a catch. They need someone who can help Josh Freeman.

2. Detroit Lions- Gerald McCoy- DT- Oklahoma- Only 2 wins this season for the Lions, they beat the Browns and Redskins, their not good. This is a quarterback league so the Lions need someone who will pressure the other teams quarterback so this is a good choice.

1. St. Louis Rams- Ndamukong Suh- Dt- Nebraska- A hiesman finalist, gave Texas a run for their money in the Big 12 championship game, and beat Miami in the Champs Sports Bowl. This is all the things that Suh was able to do without a big school. He is great player and he will be a star in the NFL.

Thankyou for reading.

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