The Super Bowl Drinking Game XLIV...Better Known As SuperDrinkmaster

Josh HilemanContributor IFebruary 7, 2010

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - FEBRUARY 06:  A giant Super Bowl sign sits on Fort Lauderdale Beach on February 6, 2010 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Super Bowl XLIV between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints will be held Sunday February 7, 2010.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

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Every American in this amazing country of ours will in some way be a part of the Super Bowl. 90 percent of those people will drink some form of adult beverage. This is for all of those people who want to enjoy that beverage while watching the game. This game was created around 3am after having a few drinks of my own and with no spell check or any changes being made except where foul language was involved.

I present to you SuperDrinkmasters .



1A. Must pick a team to root for prior to the game
3C. All drinks missed while taking a time out (bathroom or food refill etc) will be considered a penaty and doubled after the time out is over
4D. Drinks must be consumed within a timely manner
5E. If drinks continue to accumulate a beer bong will count as 10 drinks (this can occur only twice during the game).
6F. Food re-supply and visits to the urination station are authorized without penalty during commercials

1 Drink every time...

Opposing team gets a first down
Opposing team gets a 20 yard play
Your team gets flagged for holding
Hurricane Katrina is talked about
Reggie Bush flexes
Archie or Eli Manning is discussed, shown live, or  have highlights shown
The words "tragedy," "devastation," "best NFL fans," or "first super bowl appearances" are mentioned
Previous Super bowl highlights or player mentioned or shown (unless in the game or a higher amount of drinks is authorized)
A non-head coach is shown
TV show or sporting event promoted (not including commercials)
Any team punts
A roman numeral is spoken as a letter
A not funny commercial is played after start of game and before the first half ends (host decides)

Drink 5...

Opposing team scores
Any team is mentioned that is not the Colts or Saints
Kim Kardashian is mentioned or shown
Kurt Warner or Brett Favre retiring are mentioned
A turnover occurs for either team
Drew Brees' birthmark is shown
The Haitian Relief is mentioned
False Start, Offsides, Delay of Game, or Encroachment are called on either team
There is an injury where a player goes "down" and/or ref calls time out
Tony Dungy or any NFL former coach is shown or mentioned
A Coaches challenge is upheld
Former athlete appears in a commercial
The Drew Brees trade is mentioned

Drink 10 anytime...

Opposing team wins coin toss
A coaches' challenge is overturned
Turnover in the red zone
Onside kick attempted or recovered
A safety
40+ yard touchdown
Fourth down attempt converted
Manning or Brees scores a non passing TD
John Madden is mentioned
Barack Obama or anything political is discussed
A referee gets run over or falls during a play
Anyone who doesn't drink something that is a man's drink (beer or stronger must not be fruity or involve flavoring)
Perfect season possibility is discussed

All Take a Beer Bong or Chug (less than a 45 seconds)...

If the name Tim Tebow is uttered by anyone.
If a first happens or record is broken for the Super bowl.
Turnover for a touchdown or special teams touchdown occurs.
Game changer for opposing team inside two minutes (4th quarter only)
Your team loses and for each overtime
Roger Goodell is shown before trophy presentation
If a wager placed by teams' state governor is mentioned
If there is a chick fight during a beer commercial with males reacting to the fight (chick meaning girls you redneck)
If MVP is not an offensive player.

Give 3 drinks to another person...

If someone shown in the crowd is wearing a players former team's jersey or another sports apparel i.e. Drew Brees Charger Jersey or New Yorks Knicks Hat—ONLY Super Bowl PARTICIPANTS college team apparel is acceptable (must be verified by one drinkmaster).
A Hurrican Who Dat sign is shown

Well I hope you enjoy cause I know I will