Taking a Common Sense Approach to The 2010 Offseason

jeremy barilCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2010

The overall goal of this article is to create a thought-provoking means of discussing our Raiders and logically thinking of who may be future Raiders. 

Too often do I see articles on this site discuss the Oakland Raiders offseason which are completely lacking common sense. Most of these articles heavily involve wishful thinking and have players who should be drafted much higher remarkably make it to picks the Raiders have later in the draft.

For example, numerous mock drafts show Vladimir Ducasse somehow falling to the 3rd round. Given his recent excellent play at the Senior Bowl, Ducasse shouldn't make it past the middle of the 2nd round since he's a LT, an obviously important position. I'd love to see Ducasse fall to the 3rd round when Oakland picks, but I honestly believe it won't happen. 

The Raiders have some key positions and areas of depth which must be addressed in the offseason via Free Agency and the 2010 NFL Draft. 

The following positions must be addressed this offseason: 

O line- Right tackle, right guard, and depth 
D line- DT/NT and depth 
LB- MLB, OLB, and depth 
S- depth 
FB- a starter needs to be signed/drafted and someone needs to be brought in for depth 
WR- another starter needs to be brought in via FA as the Raiders need a more experienced player at this position. 

How should Oakland address these needs? The draft should be used to be find a starting tackle and possibly a DT and/or MLB because free agency rarely allows starters in these positions to freely move from team to team unless they are on their last legs or they are average players. 

Personally I'd love to see Oakland draft a starting tackle. I repeatedly hear they should draft a LT with the first pick and move Henderson over to RT. I do agree drafting an O Lineman with the first pick is important, but most importantly the new Tackle must beat out Henderson at the LT position before he's named the starter. In addition to drafting a tackle, they also need to draft or bring in a starting RG to replace Cooper Carlisle and bring in some FA's for key depth. 

I won't do a 7 round mock because I believe it's a waste of time, but I do believe a 3 round mock is much more believable. 

I'd love to see the Raiders draft OT Trent Williams, DT/NT Mt Cody (who will be available in the 2nd unless he shows up to the combine at 340 lbs), a MLB in the 3rd, and RG in the 3rd. Free agency can be used to sign a starting WR, FB, and add key depth to the trenches. 

What do you think Nation? How should Oakland remake this roster this offseason?