Why The Jets Need Chad Pennington Back

Zach Berger@theZachBergerCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2010

That's right ladies and gentleman; Chad Pennington might be on his way back to the New York Jets just two years after they dropped him after trading for Brett Favre.

There may be some bitter feelings for Pennington, but he seems to be extremely receptive to the idea of being the veteran backup to Mark Sanchez that the Jets desperately need.

Kellen Clemens, Erik Ainge, and Kevin O'Connell can only offer limited help to Sanchez because he already has more in-game experience than each of the three. Pennington has a vast amount of experience as a starter in the league and is the only veteran quarterback available who knows the Jets' system.

Pennington served under Shottenheimer for two seasons and knows the Jets' offensive system as well as anybody else in this league (not including current Jets). He's been in Miami for the last two seasons and it has to be assumed that the Jets don't run the exact same offense as they did when he departed but with the same offensive coordinator in power, there have to be many similarities.

Pennington has stated that he would "be crazy not to be interested" in a backup quarterback position for the Jets. On the other hand, he would have to be kind of crazy to come back to the team that gave up on him not too long ago. But Pennington has always been and always will be a New York Jet.

But here's why the Jets need Pennington back: they don't have a vet to teach Sanchez the game from a player's perspective, and we can't pray that Kellen Clemens doesn't do something amazingly bad every time Sanchez gets hurt anymore, and it makes an immense amount of sense for both the Jets and Pennington.

Sanchez can't go to Brian Shottenheimer or Matt Cavanaugh every time he has a question. Pennington would be an excellent go-to-guy for Sanchez.

I've seen flashes of brilliance from Clemens and I've seen flashes of extremely poor play from him as well. I'm sick of my heart skipping a beat every time he throws the ball. I no longer want to hold my breath when Clemens walks onto the field. He isn't a bad quarterback, but a seasoned veteran like Pennington coming in for Sanchez the next time he dives instead of sliding would be much less frightening.

Pennington needs a new home next year. Miami has chosen the younger Chad (Henne out of the University of Michigan) as their starter. Mike Tannenbaum has already expressed interest in bringing in a veteran quarterback to help out the Sanchise. Does anything else need to be said?

Pennington needs to do the smart thing, swallow his pride, and come back to the team where his career in the NFL began. The Jets need to the the smart thing, recognize the need for a mentor for Sanchez, and bring back Pennington.

A little craftiness from Tannenbaum is in order because of the CBA restrictions on final eight playoff teams if they want to do this. But he always has some tricks up his sleeve and signing Pennington would be far less difficult than signing a big-name free agent like Julius Peppers. So let's make it happen.