Peyton Manning Contract Extension Reportedly Biggest in History

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Peyton Manning Contract Extension Reportedly Biggest in History
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There is little to no argument that Peyton Manning is an amazing player. Even people that hate him have to admit that he is in the top five all time to play Quarterback.

Manning will be playing for his second Super Bowl Championship, and possibly second Super Bowl MVP.

Add to that, by the end of his career, Manning will hold most records for the Quarterback position, to go along with the multiple MVP awards and Offensive Player of the Year awards.

It was reported on ESPN Radio that Manning is going to be given a contract extension this off season that will make him the highest paid player to ever grace a football field.

It was reported that Manning will be offered a contract that will pay him an average of over $20 million per year, and have a signing bonus of $50 million.

When Peyton Manning was drafted with the first pick in the 1998 draft (how glad are you Colts fans that you didn't draft Ryan Leaf?), his contract was the largest ever for a rookie, as a six year, $48 million contract.

When Manning was set to become a free agent in 2004, the Colts awarded him with another contract that was the largest contract ever, for nine years and $99.2 million. 

At this point, Manning has out played the remainder of that contract, and the Colts will bypass the final three years of that deal with his new contract. He has still earned near $70 million.

In addition, Manning has made around $40 million per year in endorsements for the last five years. We wont even count what he has made in endorsements prior to that.

By these standards, Manning has made near $310 million dollars.

Add to that, the (estimated) 10 year, $250 million deal ($50 million signing bonus, plus $20 million per year), Manning will make possibly half a BILLION dollars in his NFL career.

Some people say this is insane. Some might say Manning is going to cripple the Colts. Some might even say he is not worth it.

The real fact is, Manning has become the Alex Rodriguez of the NFL. He has set the bar VERY high. Probably higher than anyone will ever be able to reach.

Records in the NFL are made to be broken. Manning may not hold the record he sets forever, but this is possibly one that will never be touched.

Colts fans, do you think he is worth it?

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