Looking Ahead To the Jets' 2010 Opponents

Zach Berger@theZachBergerCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2010

The wound is still fresh from the Jets' loss to the Colts in the AFC Championship Game, but long offseason is underway and it is time to look forward to next season.


Home Opponents:

Buffalo Bills:

The Jets should be able to sweep the bills next year. They are lacking at almost every position on the field. They are having major quarterback issues. Marshawn Lynch doesn't seem to be the same back he was in the '08-'09 season. And Chan Gailey... Really?

Miami Dolphins:

The Jets suffered monumental collapses against the Dolphins in both games this past season. If it wasn't for another late defensive meltdown in one game and the kickoff coverage squad forgetting to tackle in the other, the Jets would've swept them this past season. They should be able to beat the Fins at home.

New England Patriots:

With Wes Welker's season in limbo, nobody can really be certain how good the Patriots will be next year. Their young defense is developing but it is definitely beatable and without Welker in the picture the Jets simply have to put Revis on Moss, leaving Brady without too many viable targets. The Jets could (at the least) split with the Pats again next year.

Baltimore Ravens:

Rookie quarterback. Rookie coach. Rookie running back who steps it up late in the season. Magical playoff run to the AFC Championship. Could the Jets' past season and the Ravens' '08-'09 season be any more similar? But the Jets are going to develop a lot more as both a defense and offense this offseason. The Jets will be better than last season; they definitely won't be going backwards. This could be a very close game. I'll call it a toss-up (but I'll give the Jets a slight edge).

Cincinnati Bengals:

Jets spent two games this season proving why they are the better team in this matchup, but I'll reiterate their argument. Carson Palmer can't beat the Jets defense, the Jets can move the ball fairly well on the Bengals' defense, and the Jets are just an overall better football team. Not to knock the Bengals. They have come extremely far from just one season ago and they have a great coach in Marvin Lewis.

Green Bay Packers:

The one thing that pushes me to say that the Jets have the edge in this game is the fact that the Packers emphasize the pass game on offense. The Jets have the best pass defense in the league and I don't see the Packers being able to move the ball as freely on the Jets' defense as they are usually able to. This will be yet another toss-up though. Aaron Rodgers is continually getting better and the Jets won't be able to stop him, but they will certainly slow him down.

Minnesota Vikings:

No comment for now. It all depends on what Brett Favre decides to do, because with Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels at the helm, the Vikings have zero chance. With Favre still in the picture, it is a completely different ball game. I would love to see the Jets get the chance to show Favre what the team he left after one season can do.

Houston Texans:

Matt Schaub is scary, but not scary enough. This past season was kicked off in Houston, and the Jets dominated in every phase of the game. If it wasn't for a Sanchez pick-six, the Jets would've won the game 24-0. The better team will win this one yet again.


Away Opponents:


I discussed these three above already. I think the Jets will sweep and the Bills and win at least one of two against both New England and Miami. If the Patriots and Dolphins do win a game against the Jets this season, it will be in their own stadiums.

Cleveland Browns:

Eric Mangini will watch the defense he had a part in building dismantle his team. 

Pittsburgh Steelers:

This will be a clash of two hard-hitting defenses. Remember how fun the Steelers-Ravens playoff game was to watch last year? That's exactly what this will be like. The Steelers probably have an edge as long as their defense is healthy. With Polamalu back in the picture next year they will be the defensive force everyone has known them to be once again.

Chicago Bears:

The turnover machine will get an opportunity to have one of those memorably disastrous football games against the Jets next year. If Cutler doesn't learn how to protect the ball during the offseason, he could end up looking like Sanchez in the first Bills game this season (that's right... the 5-INT game).

Detroit Lions:

Two wins in the last two seasons. Enough said.

Denver Broncos:

After a promising six-win start to the season, the Broncos tanked and missed the playoffs. Their defense, led by every quarterback's worst nightmare, Elvis Dumervil, is definitely a force to reckoned with. This could be a lot closer than it looks on paper, but the Jets have the edge.


I might be biased. Wait... I am biased. But I think this is a pretty fair analysis. Keep in mind that I am writing this article under the assumption that the Jets offense will improve a good deal as Mark Sanchez gets more comfortable under center. The Jets really do have a chance to be an elite NFL team, but with restrictions on them as a final-eight playoff team make it hard to significantly alter the team through free agency this offseason. Either way, the Jets took the league by storm this past season and sent everyone a message: the New York Jets are here to stay.


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