Super Bowl XLIV: A Giant's Fan's Perspective

Josh BermanCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2010

Well the Super Bowl is six days away and the entire football world, not to mention the regular world, is watching South Beach Miami for the showdown of the year.

Interestingly it is the number one NFC team versus the number one AFC team. For once it may be a high scoring shoot out. 

Obviously, Peyton is one of the centers of the story. Naturally, being the NFL MVP makes him a focal point for the media and fans alike. 

It is important to note, and trust me the media will note it, that Peyton is playing his father's team giving the Manning family a tiny tear in allegiance. 

Now not that I'm saying the Manning's will root against Peyton, that would be ridiculous. But don't worry it's not crazy enough for the media to shy away from. 

Anyway, I feel as though I'm on a tangent. Bottom line I will be watching the game and counting how many times they show Eli Manning. Currently there is gambling stakes straight out of Vegas for who will be shown more; Archie Manning, or Kim Kardashin (Reggie Bush's girl pal). 

I find it funny that no one cares how many times Elli is shown. You know he will be there rooting Peyton on as he was in Peyton's first appearance. And if memory serves me, and it does, Peyton was shown an enormous amount of times in Super Bowl XLII. Heck they even gave him a short press conference at the end. He was in the team's locker room! It was like he had won a ring not Eli. 

But folks lets not forget this is not an even steven league. Eli will be shown but probably only as a side nod to the Manning box seats with a feature on Archie. Not that I think Eli deserves the same recognition as Peyton, but it is interesting to note the discrepancies between the two brothers even though both are Super Bowl winning QBs. 

Lastly, the actual perspective Giant's fans should take (not that you have to listen to a word I say). Look at it this way, the Saint's trounced the G-Men, 48-27, which was actually the end of a five game winning streak and the beginning to a miserable 8-8 record. 

So is pay back on the Giant's mind?


I'm sure there are plenty of players who either don't care or want to see the Saints win because they are the underdog, or its their first time, or they want a new face to win. Blah blah blah. I'm sure many Giants have friends on the team, first and foremost...Shockey (who I happen to love as a player despite the fact Big Blue is better off without him) is still their and many current Giants played alongside  him. 

In the end Eli and I both want the Colts. Nothing against the Saints, I love their story, but next year when the Giants take down Indy it will sound a lot more impressive if they are defending champs then runner ups. P.S. We play them in Indy.