NFL's All-Decade Team Proves That the Hall of Fame Can't Count

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IJanuary 31, 2010

Ah, one of my favorite subjects: Correcting people.

I can't say this is an odd move, because it happens around this same time every 10 years or so. That event is the selection of the "All Decade" team by the ProFootball Hall of Fame.

I find it quite ironic that an organization obsessed with numbers, rather than quality wins, would blatantly ignore something so clearly fundamental to numbers: Counting.

You know, in grade school, children learn to count to 10. Clearly, the Hall's committee didn't get that far in elementary school.

By now you are surely wondering as to what I refer. It is the fact that a "decade" is a set unit of time. Yes, it is an arbitrary unit of a base-ten calendar, but within the constructs of that calender; the final year of a decade is not the year that ends in a nine, but the year that ends with a zero.

In 2000, many dopes thought the millennium had ended because of a misconception that 2000 years had passed.  Those were the same people that mocked the Y2K dooms-dayers.

The fact, however, is that no one would ever count a year of zero. The first day of the first year AD, was within Year 1. At the end of that year, you couldn't say "two years have passed" on day 1 of year two, because the year had yet to end. Just as 2,000 years had not passed until the beginning of 2001.

It would be the same as saying that you have two dollars, because you have a dollar and 99 cents.  There is no take a year, leave a year system.  As tantalizing as that might sound, the surly bonds of time prevent such things.

And no, it is not a matter of just how you look at it.

Regardless of whether you like it, the constructs of the calender used dictates that a decade is a unit of 10 years, and you have not completed a 10th year until the end of the 10th year, not at the beginning of the 10th year.

To say that the calendar is just a perception would open a can of worms.  I could just as easily say that greatness is just a perception.  I could say that some practice squad player is greater than an MVP, because MVP is just a perception that I can base on any criteria, no matter how ridiculous.

Sure, someone could conceivably do just that.  And you'd think that person is an idiot.

To be fair, the Hall is not the only organization guilty of making "All Decade" lists when there is still another year in the decade.

Why should I bother telling you who was chosen for a list that is a fallacy of basic counting?  When the media at large wantonly ignore such basic facts as that a decade is an arbitrarily determined constant within the constructs of a base ten calender, I must question as to what other basic facts the media ignore.

To be fair, the media often just play along with the misconceptions of the public, rather than teach. Verily, they must believe that some things aren't worth teaching, and would rather focus on a bigger picture. Nevertheless, that is a signal to me that the media at large are really only teaching remedial truth, because the interest is money, not education.