2010 NFL Mock Draft – Updated 1/31

Paul RaymondCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2010

Here we go its time for Take Two of the 2010 NFL Mock Draft. Just like last year the only descriptions you read will be when a pick is updated from the previous mock draft. If you’d like to see the reasons behind the non-updated picks then you can visit last week’s Mock Draft.

Like always leave comments, love seeing everyone’s thoughts on what their team should do.

1. St Louis Rams – QB Jimmy Clausen – Notre Dame

No change here as I still can’t see the Rams passing up one of the two franchise quarterbacks for a defensive tackle.

2. Detroit Lions – DT Ndamukong Suh – Nebraska

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DT Gerald McCoy – Oklahoma

4. Washington Redskins – QB Sam Bradford – Oklahoma

Same thing as the first four picks no changes. Redskins really need that offensive tackle but Coach Shanahan is going to want himself his own QB.

5. Kansas City Chiefs – OT Russell Okung – Oklahoma State

6. Seattle Seahawks – S Eric Berry – Tennessee

7. Cleveland Browns – CB Joe Haden – Florida


8. UPDATE – Oakland Raiders – DE Derrick Morgan – Georgia Tech

Al Davis loves freaks its why there are a few guys that people swear he’d take Dez Bryant, Bruce Campbell, Carlos Dunlap (my pick in the last draft) and Taylor Mays. Morgan is a great athlete and with a very good combine could really draw the attention of Mr. Davis.

9. Buffalo Bills – OT Bruce Campbell – Maryland

10. Denver Broncos (from Chicago) – WR Dez Bryant – Oklahoma State.

11. UPDATE – Jacksonville Jaguars – LB Rolando McLain Alabama

I originally had the Jags taking Tim Tebow for the obvious ticket sales reasoning. If he had a decent week at Senior Bowl I might have bought into it, but he was dreadful sick or not. So therefore it was time to move on.

After QB I’d say the Jags biggest need is on defense and McClain is the best still available, look for them to take him here.

12. Miami Dolphins – DE Jason Pierre-Paul – South Florida

13. UPDATE – San Francisco 49ers – S Taylor Mays – USC

I thought of moving Anthony Davis of Rutgers up to this pick as offensive tackle is probably the Niners biggest need, but in reality they’ll be able to draft him three spots later as the next two teams aren’t looking at the offensive line.


So the Niners go address their needs in the secondary and draft Taylor Mays. Some have knocked him down a notch after his senior year but he should be a great addition to the Niners defense. Some think he can even play some linebacker, I’m sure Coach Singletary uses that to his advantage.

14. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver) – RB CJ Spiller – Clemson

15. New York Giants – S Earl Thomas – Texas

16. San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina) – OT Anthony Davis – Rutgers

17. Tennessee Titans – DE Everson Griffen – USC

18. UPDATE – Pittsburgh Steelers – CB Donovan Warren – Michigan

The Steelers most glaring need is in the secondary, the team fell apart after the injury to Troy Polamolu. Drafting Warren, a very athletic corner should be able to do a lot on the field when teamed with a healthy Polamolu.

19. UPDATE – Atlanta Falcons – CB Patrick Robinson – Florida State

The Falcons secondary is in disarray they were absolutely awful in 2009. Robinson is going to need a good combine to go this high but for right now I’m taking him.


20. UPDATE – Houston Texans – DT Terrence Cody – Alabama

The Texans have a strong need on the defensive line, Mario Williams needs help. Cody should help in clogging up the middle. There are questions about his weight but you know what don’t you want guys his size in a 3-4 defense?

21. Cincinnati Bengals – WR Arrelious Benn – Illinois

22. UPDATE – New England Patriots – DE/LB Brandon Graham – Michigan

I originally didn’t think the Patriots would go after a linebacker but Graham’s talent may be too much to pass up. He can rush the QB but also stop the run, a young kid who can do it all.

23. Green Bay Packers – OT Bryan Bulaga – Iowa

24. UPDATE – Philadelphia Eagles – DE Carlos Dunlap – Florida

My last mock I had the Eagles taking DT Brian Price which I still think would be a good pick but the more I think about it defensive end Carlos Dunlap could be a better pick here. The combination of him and Trent Cole would be a complete nightmare for opposing QBs.

25. Baltimore Ravens – WR Golden Tate – Notre Dame

26. Arizona Cardinals – LB Sergio Kindle – Texas

27. Dallas Cowboys – OT Trent Williams – Oklahoma

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28. UPDATE – San Diego Chargers – LB Jerry Hughes – TCU

I said from the start I’d probably change my Chargers pick and that I’m doing. I’m going with linebacker Jerry Hughes like most other people are now. If Shawn Merriman isn’t back with the team they’ll need a replacement and Hughes can step right in. If Shawn is back then the kids got a great mentor.

29. UPDATE – New York Jets – DT Jared Odrick – Penn State

Jared Odrick looks like the perfect fit for a Rex Ryan defensive line. He’s a defensive tackle who can also double as a defensive end. That versatility will help in the multiple schemes Ryan likes to throw at offenses.

30. UPDATE – Minnesota Vikings – TE Jermaine Gresham – Oklahoma

The Vikings add another piece to a pretty good offense. They add the best tight end in the draft, giving Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb or whoever will be the teams QB next year another weapon.

31. UPDATE – New Orleans Saints – LB Sean Weatherspoon – Missouri

The Saints weakness is on the defensive side of the ball so why not take the best available player on the board. He’s pretty athletic which should help him help out the secondary in coverage, something that is definitely needed.

32. UPDATE – Indianapolis Colts – DT Brian Price – UCLA

The Colts don’t have much need but would love to start adding some depth to their defensive line, there are plenty of possible defections after the 2010 season. Seeing Price fall this for would be great for Indy.

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