How Will Lache Seastrunk Fit In at Oregon?

Caleb M.Analyst IJanuary 27, 2010

Well today was the big day. Let the celebration begin for Oregon fans...Lache Seastrunk is officially a Duck. 

He was one of the biggest recruits of the year and is the best recruit to come to Oregon since Jonathan Stewart. It's a huge deal. He's fast, dangerous, and a monster on special teams.

Seastrunk may be a bit small, but he's very well built and has tremendous strength.

Next year he'll take the field with other stellar running backs—LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner—as well as freshman Donte Williams. The real question is, what impact will Seastrunk have? Where does he fit on the Ducks roster? 

I doubt he'll ever be the sole starter; Oregon rarely rolls like that. As I said, he'll be sharing time with James, Barner, and Williams next year. Same with the two years after that, most likely. 

He should be the special teams returner, along with Barner. Both are extremely fast, agile, and are at their very best returning kickoffs. 

During Seastrunk's freshman year, I wouldn't be surprised to see him make Pac-10 all-freshman team...maybe even the national all-freshman team depending on how much time they give him. 

As a running back, I imagine he'll be put in occasionally when they need big bursts of speed. Although, he has served as a goal line bruiser type runner as well. Seastrunk is the complete package and will be a great addition to an already explosive offense.

He might work his way up to second, and if James isn't careful, first on the depth chart. He'll still be sharing time but will get most of the carries. 

In any case, 2010 looks to be a fantastic year, and Chip Kelly is proving himself one of the best coaches in Oregon Duck history.