To Win Super Bowl XLIV, Saints Might Have To Win a Doubleheader

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To Win Super Bowl XLIV, Saints Might Have To Win a Doubleheader
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Super Bowl XLIV is an intriguing matchup.  It is a game that, based on what we know about the two teams, could break every existing record for total points scored in a Super Bowl.

With Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, airing the ball out as is expected. The scoreboard in Miami could burn out a few bulbs before the game comes to an end.

The NEMster, that's me, sees the Saints coming out the winners, but in order to accomplish that mighty feat, they will have to defeat two teams, not just one, to become Super Bowl champions.

Sure, they will have to defeat the Colts, but they will also have to win out over the second team on the field, the NFL officials.

For the past several years, for whatever reason, the Indianapolis Colts have been on the receiving end of several, in fact much more than several, very liberal decisions by the zebras.

Again, for whatever reason, many of them have come at crucial moments and have either allowed the Colts to continue a drive that appeared to have come to an end, or put an end to a drive by the Colts' opponent that seemed on the verge of bearing fruit.

So, watch for these two things to happen on Super Bowl Sunday.  The Colts will be the beneficiary of several dubious calls, but in this instance it won't be enough, as the Saints lose the game to the officials, but beat the Colts, in a shootout, 41-35.

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