Vociferous John Herrera: Is He In Charge of the Raiders?

Josh BroudyCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2010

Ok, Ok, I had to make the title interesting. To increase my hits or whatever they are called. Now, let's start the article.

John Herrera is kind of mean. He is just one of those guys who wakes up on the left side of his bed every morning (get it?). Maybe he gets tired of reporters asking questions about the Raiders?

Or maybe he is just mean. I don't know him personally (obviously), but he gives the impression.

Here's a little bio on Herrera: he works for Al Davis. Believe it or not, I didn't even have to go to Wikipedia to find that out.

It's the reporters job to ask questions about the team. Go figure...I didn't realize it either. But Herrera acts like he'd rather die than give information on the Raiders. Take this video for example: http://blogs.mercurynews.com/kawakami/2008/09/22/the-raiders-john-herrera-vs-me-in-front-of-the-cameras-today-well-that-was-fun/

It's entertaining, you know. He acts like everybody has to run their story by him before they publish it. Heck, if he was editing this article, this is what it would say: 

"John Herrera is a kind man who's loyal to Al Davis. He would rather take a bullet for Al Davis than give a reporter inside information on the Raiders."

I see a few changes. He wouldn't realize that the reporters are allowed to ask questions. Wait a sec. Scratch that last thought. He wouldn't realize that it is his job to answer the questions.

I understand every organization needs its secrecy (cough, cough Patriots), but enough is enough after a while. Throw us a bone, man.

People wonder why there are crappy articles about the team. Reporters have to find something to talk about (rumors). The problem is is that we are stuck with Herrera. There's no one that Al trusts more (except for himself). That's why Herrera is the only true source of information inside of the Raiders organization. 

If you like John Herrera (after all, Al Davis does), please comment here. I probably shouldn't have written the last sentence. No one will comment now.