Chicago Bears 2009 Flaws

Trevor Barber@@The_TeeBarbsContributor IIIJanuary 22, 2010

DETROIT - JANUARY 03: Greg Olsen #82 of the Chicago Bears celebrates a second quarter touchdown in front of Marvin White #25 of the Detroit Lions on January 3, 2010 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears had a disappointing season after expecting to do well. Forte slumped. Cutler threw for many interceptions probably due to a bad offensive line. When I go back over what happened this season I saw that the Bears were unable to finish out games. 

The losses to Green Bay, Atlanta, Green Bay again, San Fran and Philly were all close games. It seems that the Bears defense was unable to hold games and save games. Opening week against the Packers wasn't all the defense's fault. Cutler did make some bad decisions. As bad as he played that game, the Bears were still in it most of the way. The Danieal Manning safety was a highlight but the horrible coverage that allowed Greg Jennnings to burn Charles Tillman was the icing on the cake. FLAW 1: SECONDARY (with a little Jay Cutler)

We kept real close with Atlanta but again in the end we were unable to hold the game. Cutler drove us down the field to the 15 yard line and we were unable to convert. The defense let the Falcons march 40 yards down the field and score. Cutler was decent but if we had a defense putting pressure on Matt Ryan we wouldn't be getting burned so badly. FLAW 2: DEFENSIVE LINE (with a little Matt Forte and his fumbles)

The game against the 49ers was mixed. The secondary was good for the Bears but Frank Gore was getting everything he wanted. The linebackers couldn't tackle. The lack of Brian Urlacher's leadership is obviously there. We were really hurt by injuries this year, but the main problem was the offensive line. Cutler was forced to throw the ball because every play he was pressured. The offensive line couldn't keep out the San Francisco offensive line. Cutler did make mistakes, but it would help to have more than 2 seconds back in the pocket. FLAW 3: OFFENSIVE LINE

The game against Philly I think was a good one. It went back to the secondary. Charles Tillman was forcing the ball out left and right, but he was getting burned by Jackson and had no safety help. The secondary was being burned so badly. Cutler had a decent game. Not good but not bad. I think this was also a bad play by the secondary but I guess the whole defense could have played better.

The last game against the Packers was a throw away game for the Bears. You could tell they weren't really trying too hard. The game against Arizona was completely the defense's fault. 100% Cutler had 370 yards and3 touchdowns and we lost by 20?! The games versus the Vikings and Ravens were straight up embarrassing. The Bears weren't horribly awful this year though. They did pull off some convincing wins over teams that are or were projected to be good. The Steelers and Vikings wins were solid ones for the Bears but the rest were wins over 4 teams where the combined wins were 13 but thats because the Browns ended on a 4 game winning streak. So Congrats to us we beat the Browns, Lions (x2), Rams, and Seahawks. The Steelers and Vikings were big ones. Were not bad. We just were swamped by injuries and a bad defense. Maybe we can improve.