Oakland Raiders: 10 Amazingly Instant Benefits To Hiring Jon Gruden

Mike SommersContributor IJanuary 21, 2010

6 Jan 2002:  Head coach Jon Gruden of the Oakland Raiders talks to an official during the game against the New York Jets at Network Associates Coliseum in Oakland, California. The Jets won 24-22. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory  Credit : Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

As the sports world sits in limbo, listening to the rumors of who is meeting with Al Davis these days, lets look at 10 reasons Al Davis should do whatever it takes to bring Jon Gruden back as head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

If Jon Gruden was announced as the Raiders new head coach it would:

1-Garner respect of the players: The players young and old have heard of Gruden as a coach and some as a broadcaster. It is known that he has led a team to win the Superbowl and that in itself would bring respect, let alone the yelling. (Al, that means a harder working team)

2-Sell tickets and season tickets for the upcoming year: Let's face it, ticket sales have declined over the last few years and dramatically at the end of the 2009 season. If Gruden was announced the new head coach of the Raiders, ticket sales would boom again. Bringing in any marquee name to a sports team sells tickets, Jon Gruden would do just that for the Raiders. (Al, that is more money for you) 

3-Open new marketing abilities for the sales office of the Raiders: I can't imagine having to make the calls as a sales rep for the Raiders with this: "Hi fellow Raider fan, the 2010 season is looking exciting as we are bringing back Tom Cable with JaMarcus Russell." To me that would be a tough sell. Making the same call with: "Hey, you know Gruden is back with the Raiders right? Of course you did, so where do you want your seats this year?" That is a much easier sell and that brings joy back to the sales office and fills the stadium seats. (Al, that is more money for you)

4-Bring offseason hope and energy for the players, staff and fans: The whole Raider world needs a positive boost like that. This whole mystery management scenario is getting old and is wearing out everyone on and off the team. Announcing Gruden as the head coach NOW or early in the off season would sell more merchandise and tickets in the offseason. (Al, that is more money for you)

5-Provide a head coach that knows the Raiders, its owner, is loved by the fans and has a Superbowl ring on his finger: That is not an easy list to fill with someone up to date with todays football. Jon Gruden brings all of those traits to the team. (Al, you could relax a bit and feel confident that you don't have a rookie out there leading your team) 

6-Let players KNOW they are going to catch crap for slacking or being passive at practice: They say you play like you practice and this team is starving for accountability in practice and on the field. That is evident by the lack of discipline on the field. Gruden brings accountability, high standards and a great work ethic back to the practice field. (Al, your team would perform better and not embarass you)

7-Make signing draftees much easier: Kids coming out of college know who Jon Gruden is. Also I believe that Jon is young enough and has that fiery sales pitch to just look in the kids eyes and say with that snarl face he makes "You want to win right? Then get signed and lets go" and walk away with the kid ready to sign. Something has to attract people back to the Raiders, kids nowadays don't remember the glory years. (Al, this team needs a magnet, it would make life easier for you to get talent)

8-Provide an attraction for the right assistants to come to the dark side: Face it, being a coach at any level on the Raiders is not a job of security and has lost much of it's desire. Gruden at head coach would eliminate that and bring the right staff back. (Al, you could relax some more)

9-Bring instant fire for the sidelines, the locker room and to the refs for bad calls (see photo above): What the hell happened to all the passion and fire this team had? I don't see it on the sidelines, or on the team. Jon Gruden brings that fire and passion back in an instant. Hell the Raiders need someone to scream at the refs for some of those mystery calls. (Al, this would bring the nasty back to your team, and that is something we all love, and opponents hate) 

10-Attract quality Free Agents to the team: The Raiders are just not attractive to high quality players. This team needs help. Acquiring some veteran leadership and players that can come in and do their job well RIGHT NOW is needed. Gruden would attract those players that would not even have looked the Raiders way. (Al, this would make your team better)


The bottom line is that Jon Gruden brings many many benefits to the Oakland Raiders. Fire, leadership, history, accountability, attraction and the list goes on. Each and every one of those traits makes a better team, which creates more wins, which sells more tickets and merchandise, which brings in more money.

Did I mention it brings more wins? Of course I did, and the Raiders need them.

Mr. Al Davis, this is a no brainer. Step up, do what it takes to get it done.

The San Clemente Kid