Some People Just Need Some Attention...He You Are Mr. Nix

Keilyn EllisCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2010

SAN DIEGO - 2005:  Buddy Nix of the San Diego Chargers poses for his 2005 NFL headshot at photo day in San Diego, California.  (Photo by Getty Images)
NFL Photos/Getty Images /Getty Images

Buddy Nix is a girl. He likes drama like most women who watch daytime tel-lie-vision. (Or guy for that matter). I almost forgot his team existed this year, again. Good thing you had that prostitute Lane Kiffin to help you beat Oakland last year, Mr. Nix... Oops, thats off the record. Like most gossiping teenage girls, Mr. Nix took the opportunity to talk trash about the least popular kid in the school only to make her insecure little self feel better. We know where the media stands. They ran with it. So now for the second year in a row, the Raiders are on the short list of  competent coaches because of their perceived "dictator" of a coach. (Well maybe he wouldn't have to dictate if he had some competent, LOYAL coaches to operate a functional offense where there is a running game AND a passing game)


All I can picture in my head is Al Davis on the brink of a media driven insanity following a meeting with Mr. Herrerra quoting Scarface..., "Who do I trust?, ME, that's who!" Well who can Mr Davis trust? You got some bum ass owner who never won (or earned) anything in his life taking shot at the most Excellent Raiders. Yikes, whats the world coming to? Is Adam Lambert gonna spit in the face the Pope?! (don't ask me how the hell I know who that loser is)


Who is this guy, Nix? Did he purchase the generic ass Buffalo Bills on sale? Who's their QB this year, J.P. Losman? (The Raiders starting QB next year, lol) I only know two players on your wack ass team. Thats T.O., and Terrell Owens. You look like you've been preserved in some kind of prehistoric wax and you woke up thinking it was still 1955 and the football field is a plantation. Well, it kinda-sorta is, but thats a different story.


For those of you who don't remember, Oakland went into Buffalo last year and trounced the Bills with JaMarcus Russell throwing a perfectly targeted laser missile to JLH on a slant for eighty yards for the go ahead score. Higgins trotted into the endzone in celebration as an angry Bills player leveled him five yards deep into the endzone( no penalty) Of course you know Buffalo had some "home town cooking," if you know what I mean. (was that the now infamous 76 yard field goal game, Lane?) So Buffalo came back and "won" with a ton of assistance from the man upstairs, Lane Kiffin, and telivision.


So before you go and open your mouth again Mr. Nix, I don't care who the Owner or the QB is, the Raiders will ALWAYS be the best franchise in the NFL. Mainly because they don't have to cheat or slander to win. Just win Baby.