Al Davis You Old Bastard When Will Will You Get It

Adrian EspinozaContributor IJanuary 20, 2010

DALLAS, TX - MARCH 7:  Owner Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders arrives at the NFL Owners Meeting on March 7, 2006 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Let me state this before I get started. A lot of rumors or reports I will call them have been coimg out that Al has been interviewing head coach's and assitants these past two week's while Cable is in in limbo. A lot of these reports are coming straight from ESPN. Now ESPN isnt the end all for rumors and they are known to get stuff wrong. But as of late the reports they show are usually accurate. If any one of these reports are true then Al Davis just doesnt get it and will continue to have a empty stadium because fan's are beyond fed up.

Working in the medical field a lot of the patients I come acroos are  elderly. Let me tell you one thing about the older population that we all know, they do not like change. The sad thing about Davis is that he is a hall of famer that has had sucess early on in his career.  If you were to rate Davis as a owner for the last 20 years there is no way in hell he sniff's the hall of fame. So here we have a owner that had done things his own way and it worked so good, he won three super bowl's , he's in the hall of fame and last but not least he's the main reason for the merger.

With Al still stuck in the 60', 70's and 80's he still thinks his way can still work which is why this team has been in a downward spiral for the last 7 years. The recent bright years of the gruden era were just a flash of what can happen when Davis give's away control. When Gruden was getting to much credit Davis booted him out of town for a couple of frist round picks that guess what could run really really fast. The speed kills slogan only works if the player can play, the man to man only works when have superior talents on the other side of the ball.

So here we are again another sad season, empty seats and the coach on the so called hot seat. It has already been reported that Jim Harbaugh has turned the Raiders down. I can only guess how many coach's have already said hell no. And why has there been no mention of Bill Cowher ? We as Raider fans already know why Bill Cowher will never come up because a head coach worth anything will no way work with Davis. And this team is said to have so much talent why wouldnt you get the best coach to lead this so called talent? Why cant Davis get his head out his @#$ and see the damn light.

It has also been reported that a coach from the Ravens has been contacted to be a QB's coach to groom Russell. I can tell you one thing if Russell is starting any game at Oakland I will not waste my money to see that dud look lost. No coach can fix this bum. With that said how is AL looking for assitants when there isnt a coach in place. There is no way Cable told AL hey lets get that guy from Baltimore to groom Russell, Cable already knows Jamarcus is a bust. Once again a coaching staff is being assembled without a head coach in place which only proves me right that Al doesnt get it.