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Holla at me RAIDER NATION!


As I type these words to you I've just finished reading a pretty interesting article (in my opinion.. of course) about Lester Hayes and why he may not be in the Hall of Fame. The article was written by one David Xavier who says he "is the real Mr. X" - (I expect my check next week.... wink) - Anyway his title is analyst - here in The Bleacher Report.

After reading, and commenting on his article I thought about how I spent my day (at work... sorry boss) looking for interesting Raider news and guess what Nation? I found NONE! That's right Zip, NADA, NOTHING Raider related was even close to being interesting. The only news that was even relatively close to interesting had to do with "The Super Chokers" - and sorry charger fans but I ALWAYS get a kick out of reading about the oh, so mighty charger nation (smile)

As I was saying (writing) there was NO REAL Raider news here a small sample of what I was dealing with today: Some guy, I call him a guy because he should not be getting paid to deliver this information he should be.... just some guy - named Scott Ostler who "reports" for the S.F. Chronicle - (that might be part of the problem right there Raider Nation) he wrote that the Raiders and the 49ers should draft locally.

So I said to myself "mmmm. some new draft info let's investigate": So I read his article and guess what Raider Nation?!? This "FOOL" wrote that The Raiders "SHOULD" draft a Running Back!! I don't know about the 49ers (I'm not a niner fan) maybe THEY need a running back but I KNOW There's NO ONE in The Raider Nation who WANTS to see OUR team pick a RUNNING BACK at #8 not with all the line (off. and def.) problems that we have!!

Why would this fool even type this? He MUST not believe that Raider fans read his articles or maybe he believes that Raider fans just don't read. I have NO idea what his problem is; I do know that this was an asinine article and WE DESERVE BETTER!!! Could he not do some H.W. and come up with some names of some guys (locally) whom the Raiders could draft. Guys that play in positions where we actually have a REAL NEED?!?

Seeing how the article and writer were from S.F. I thought to myself "maybe it's the paper!" Maybe they gave the coverage of The Raiders to "some guy" they found on the street? I didn't know I still don't know but I do know this Raider Nation! WE DESERVE BETTER COVERAGE OF OUR TEAM!!

So I left San Fran and decided to come "home" to Oakland and guess what Raider Nation? Another asinine article! (can you belive it!!) This one was written by "some guy" name Steve Corkran - He actually "reports" for the Oakland Tribune. His article was titled - and I quote: "Still no word from Oakland Raiders on coach Cable's Status" Now I don't know about you Raider Nation but at this point I really don't need to read his article!! Do you?!? Come on be honest with me.. does that title make you feel the NEED to read the rest of the article? Feel free to say NO!

The title tells me everything I need to know. I mean reallly.... what more information could he give? Why did he even need to write an article? on this topic? How many different people have to say the same thing and how may times do they all have to say it? As far as I'm concerned  he could have just released a statement: which would have been the title of his article. - I mean come on... I have no idea what to write after that title. As a matter of fact as I sit here and type THIS article to you I can't remember ONE fact or note in this guys "article". Now what this "guys" excuse could be I have NO idea. I mean it's not like he's in San Fran "writing" for the Chronicle. This guy is in OAKLAND where he can camp out at RAIDERS H.Q. he can find other players to speak to, he can just be nosy, sneak around and see if he can listen to what going on behind closed doors. HE'S RIGHT THERE IN OAKLAND!! and this is the "best" he can do for me? "Still no word from Oakland Raiders on coach Cable's status" - This is NEWS?!?

I don't know about the rest of you Raider Nation but, I don't live in Oakland (can you feel my sadness right now nation...) I wish that I did!! I wish I could be at every game in my gear with my face black, yelling like a mad mad!!!!!  right by your side (and I am... in a way..) but mainly I get to yell at my T.V. and thank God that he allowed man kind to invent the satellite dish. If I did live in Oakland I would have no need for these so called "reporters" I would get my Raider News either from the mouths of the Raiders themselves or from those who make up this might force know as THE RAIDER NATION! However, that's "not how I'm living" I'm currently depending upon "external forces" to provide me with NEWS about OUR team and I know that WE DESERVE BETTER that what we've been getting.

So, this is what I've been doing, and if you want to do the same (I'm not going to try and stop you) feel free to join me. What I've begun to do is join the site and post my comments to these so called "reporters" and let them know EXACTLY what I think of their "article" and their "reporting"! I found that I feel better when I tell these guys what a RAIDER FAN thinks of their ideas. I even challenge them on what they think of the team; As you and I know nation there are a number of "reporters" out there who look to do NOTHING but write negative non sense articles about OUR team! I say that we need to keep calling these guys out for the crap that they "write" about our team Raider Nation because the bottom line is this: No matter how THE TEAM performs WE the FANS deserve the best coverage that can be provided!! and were not getting it (as far as I'm concerned) so I say to you Nation don't hesitate to take a few moments to join a site (even if you have no intention of reading any other articles) and let these guys know that WE THE RAIDER NATION DESERVE BETTER!!!


RAIDER from birth...