Blog: 2009 NFL Season Review and Rants

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Blog: 2009 NFL Season Review and Rants
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The 2009 Regular Season has ended and the playoffs are in full swing. At this point, the Lombardi trophy is either going to be resting comfortably in the hands of the Jets, Colts, Saints, or Vikings.

Although the season has not yet come to an end, nor has the champion been decided, I wanted to take the time to talk about the season as a whole.

This article is being written early and it will be followed by a slideshow after the Super Bowl that shows my favorite moments of the season.

I would first off like to send out my personal apology to Nate Kaeding for my previous article about him. The article was just a spur of the moment type deal. I was furious knowing that he could have kept us in the playoffs and couldn't send a single football through the uprights.

Kaeding is an exceptional kicker and has had plenty of trouble in the playoffs. Getting rid of him will be a huge mistake and I regret even saying it should be an option. There will be a time that comes when we are in the playoffs next year and he will win the game for us. (For those of you who don't know, when I say "we" or "us;" I am in fact talking about the Chargers). I hope you have many years left in this franchise.

Also, Norv Turner received a contract extension after his mid-grade performance during his first three years. Most San Diego fans wanted to start a riot upon hearing this news, but I let out a sigh of relief. Keeping Norv is a lot better than taking a risk on some random bust year after year.

In his defense, the Chargers showed a lot more consistency during the regular season than they had in the past. The first couple seasons under Norv were sloppy despite a 11-5 record in year one.

General Manager Smith has chosen to follow a path of continuity by keeping his team under Turner until at least 2013. Thank goodness. The players don't have to adjust to a new system, and can keep doing what they do and improve at it.

The Chargers may be out this year, but next season we will enter with high hopes again.

In other news:

The AFC North discovered that even though they can consitently dominate the AFC West, they simply can't handle them Raiders. Yes, the AFC North teams went 1-3 against the lowly Raiders. This leaves me thinking that they will be a force to be reckoned with next season.

The Chiefs, Browns, and Lions were terrible as always.

Maybe someday we will live to see the Detroit dynasty.

Not as much happened this year as compared to the league's previous.

Many Stars came along this season.

Kenny Britt, Percy Harvin, Clay Matthews, and Michael Oher.

These are the names to look to make a racket in the near future.

No teams went winless.

There were no ties this season. That means I couln't watch any post-game press conferences and hear one of the players rant about not knowing games could end in a tie.

In relation to last season, Ed Holuchi is still ruining things.

Last Year: Steals a game from the Chargers vs. Denver on an obvious fumble, which he admitted to after the game.

This Year: Chris Johnson breaks a 60 yard run that would have put him 40 yards away from the single season rushing record with plenty of time to reach it. Ed Holuchi throws a flag on a nonexistent holding call just to spite CJ.

Holuchi needs to get out of here.

The NFL is officially becoming a passing game, and an offensive game. The league as a whole set a record for most quarterbacks to reach 4,000 passing yards.

The only dominating defense left in the playoffs is the Jets. The Ravens were spanked by the high flying offense in Indianapolis.

Mark Sanchez found out that eating a hotdog in public is one of the seven deadly sins. I have never seen the media make such a big deal out of something that unimportant. Now we REALLY know how boring the world of news is becoming. Once eating a hotdog at halftime becomes a headline in the mainstream media, something is going terribly wrong. Where was Ochocinco this week?

It's been a good rant once again. This time I don't think I said anything that could start an argument. Good luck to all teams next season, and tune in for my slideshow after the Super Bowl.

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