Season Ending Redskins Youth Report (with grades)

Mark ButerbaughSenior Analyst IJanuary 19, 2010

The Youth Report is a weekly content article that evaluates the play and performance of the Redskins rookies and sophomores.  You may not always agree with our assessment of players, so feel free to comment right here on the Blog. The Youth Report will return to DCPSR in 2010 as a staple to our Redskins original content.

The Rookie Report

CB Kevin Barnes:  Even when Barnes was active, he played little.  His play time did pick up a bit toward the end of season, mostly due to injuries.  Barnes had ups and downs in coverage, something you would expect from a third round pick.  As we will state often in this report, Barnes future is up in the air because of the arrival of Mike Shanahan, new DC Jim Haslett, and virtually a entire new defensive staff.  In addition, the Redskins have a brand new front office.  In other words, they are tied to no player.  My bet is, Barnes will be given every opportunity to fill a depth role in the secondary.  Cornerbacks coach Jerry Gray is gone.  Barnes will need to make an impression.  Just because he played so little, Barnes receives the Default grade of average, C.


K Graham Gano:  Gano was a late season addition after the Redskins released Shaun Suisham for sucking.  Gano was a perfect 4/4 but missed an extra point, 6/7.  His kickoffs early were impressive, but they got worse as he played, but I believe he was also nicked up, how, I don't have a clue.  Gano should receive a camp invite.  But, he is not the long term answer.  That is what the Redskins need, a long term solution at kicker.  Grade is a C, the default.

LB Robert Henson: Henson was most known for his Twitter flap that cause consternation and embarrassment where he called out Redskins fans.  Not particularly an appealing thing to do for a rookie that added nothing on the field.  Henson was inactive most of the season, rarely getting a shot on special teams either.  Just like his fellow draft class buddy above, Henson is facing a new regime that has no ties or connections to him.  He will have to prove worth and value on the field.  Twitter won't help him.  Defauilt grade.


S Lendy Holmes:  Who?  Yeah, he played.  Had more tackles than Robert Henson.  Holmes was inactive most of the season.  Not sure what to think on Holmes, my bet is, as bad as the Redskins secondary is, if you could not crack that, you probably aren't worth keeping.  He'll get a default grade.


DE Jeremy Jarmon: Jarmon was an excellent supplemental draft pick up for the Redskins, a pretty highly touted defensive end who missed out on the full NFL Draft.  Jarmon showed some real good signs of ability to get to the quarterback and make some plays.  His season ended early with a season ending injury.  Jarmon is just like all rookies, outside maybe Brian Orakpo, in that, his ability to stick will be his ability to prove he belongs.  I like Jarmon.  I think he can be an effective rotational defensive end.  Jim Haslett is a 3-4 guy.  However, he has not committed to the 3-4 defense here in DC, he has simply said it can work.  No telling the impact that will have on a young guy like Jarmon.  Jarmon has upswing and solid talent and I think this staff will give Jarmon a good look.  I really did not get to see enough of Jarmon to get beyond the default grade.



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