Tony Romo Wade Phillips Fail Yet Again While Jerry Jones Pukes On Fans

Mark DuaneContributor IJanuary 18, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 05:  Owner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys talks with David L. Boren, president of the University of Oklahoma at Cowboys Stadium on September 5, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I clearly had my anger toward yesterday's Viking's triumphant victory over my Dallas Cowboy's defeat. The Viking's were clearly a superior organization and force. I am certain the Detroit Lion's could have played with more heart and dignity than my beloved Dallas Cowboy's did. That is speaking volumes.

I have been out in fan kingdom having a eye on Tony Romo. His performance was not that bad. If we have to give him a grade report, he get's a C minus. Tony, you must protect the football. Yes in your defense if you had a telescope and an open roof you had plenty of time to star gaze from your back. Did you get your bell rung and see Jessica Simpson all over again?

Clearly the offensive line deserved a firing squad after Flozell Adams went down to injury. That might be a little harsh but it surely did not warrant untouched defensive player's to the Quarterback. I think Tony Romo's needs to hand out a few Rolex watches for Christmas. Maybe bribery will get them to play with heart and to fight in tough games with passion and desire. I saw zero hunger and a lot less heart. It was kinda like eating Spam. It looks OK in the can but is it really good to eat?

As far as Wade Phillip's I stand by my remarks. I believe Wade needs to be the Coach or the Defensive coordinator. Not both. Anytime you can have more experienced eyes on game film it will only help your team. The coach needs to make game time decisions with scheme, game planning and coaching during the game. Pass that to his Offensive and Defensive coordinators respectfully. Its ok Wade Phillip's to talk to yourself. Its not ok to answer your self. Maybe the Nut house has an opening if you do. Do you have recording's streaming like an ipod through your coaching headset of yourself?

Now I read reports all over the web that Jerry Jones is going to retain Wade Phillips. I agree. Sign him as your defensive coordinator. Ok Jerry, you want him to be head coach. No problem, hire a Defensive coordinator and give him some help. Then again, maybe you and Wade can walk into the Coo Coo nest together at a discount rate Jerry Jones.

I seriously doubt the other teams in the NFL would play without a Defensive coordinator. The idea is putting a few bucks in your pocket Jerry Jones. Us fan's know that. It is not bringing you a championship. More talent means more help to guide player's. Would Major league baseball team eliminate a first base or third base coach?

Here is a thought. Hire a GM as well. Since your the Owner and General Massager. I mean manager. You write the checks anyways. You will have ultimate say but you also get another opinion. Wait, I forgot. You put more dollars in your pocket without having to pay that position. So careless of me. I should have been a bull fighter without a red drape so I can get horned in the growing. That is the way you make me feel without the Defensive coordinator. I prefer fighting a bull without a cape.

Jerry Jones has a very beautiful stadium that will fit fans in and it is the 8th wonder of the World in my mind. The Televisions is worth the price of admission alone. Have you ever seen a TV 80 yards long? The field is very viewable from every seat. I need to say something nice. I am usually more positive than this. So excuse me while I wipe Jerry's puke from my face yet again for the 2009-2010 football experience as a Dallas Cowboy fan.

The bottom line here is Jerry Jones has a Cash Cow. The stadium is full. Awesome new stadium. Ego bigger than Fort Knox. He is doing it his way. He made the money and is calling the shots. Guess what, even bad PR is good PR. Cowboy haters are hating. Die-hard Cowboy fans like myself are hating. Business men know Jerry know's how to make money. They drink at his bar's at field level. The money rolls right in. In Jerry Jones world life is good. I make the dollar and that is all I care about. Have you ever had a dog run away from home Jerry Jones? I feel like the dog. I wanna run away badly.

Let me say this loud and clear Jerry Jones. I as a Cowboy fan am fed up with you. I wish we had the power to fire you as an owner. I may even respect Jerry Jones the business man. I absolutely have turned to hate you as an owner. You get what you give in this case. I believe I will out live you. I will not jump ship on my team. I fell in love with the Shotgun and Tom Landry/Roger Staubach as a kid. I will live longer than you. I will get a new owner. I remember Roger Staubach and Tom Landry as stand up respectable men. What will you be remembered for Jerry Jones? Cheap hardheaded jackass with a beautiful stadium? I guess only time will tell.

You know, in baseball as I have matured as an individual and as a person. I have always liked and disliked George Steinbrenner. I felt he ran a monopoly. You know now, I realize he went after the best players because he could afford it. I saw him fire some great coaches and even rehired a few. I never seen him eliminate a coaching position or management position. He might add on to the positions by having assistants and more eye's out for talent. If your going for what owner can be hated the most. At least Steinbrenner delivered winners and made money as well. To Jerry, I think it is only about the money. Very sad to say.

Its obvious though Jerry Jones. You cut spending and suck in money anyway you can. Maybe that is how you became rich. Maybe one day you will mature or decide to spend some serious cash toward winning. Then again they have been calling for doomsday since the beginning of time. Were still here. So are you. Would you quit puking in our face please? It burns....deeply!

Mark Duane