Jerry's Jones-Ing For A Successful Playoff Coach; Phillips-Head Screwed

Edwin BearContributor IJanuary 18, 2010

Have you ever had that “someone’s staring directly at me” feeling and then you lift your head and find someone is ominously glaring at you?  Then the person looks away real quick, like they almost got caught thinking out loud on how to plan your execution?  You know, that same look OJ gave Nicole Simpson?  Well… Wade Phillips definitely knows exactly what I’m talking about.


As if it wasn’t bad enough for Phillips and the Cowboys to be losing 27-3 in the fourth quarter of an NFC divisional playoff game, here strolls down to the sidelines owner Jerry Jones to gander at the massacre of his beloved Cowboys.  It was like witnessing the colonial day cowboys being scalped by the native Indians.

It’s nothing new for Jones to migrate from his suite to the sidelines to get an on-the-field close-up perspective of the game, but it’s certainly different for him to make an appearance when Dallas is getting devastatingly demolished almost similar to those tiny Iraq towns when America shot missiles at them to fight the Taliban.

Phillips had a hole burned in the back of his head from how hard Jones was staring at him during yesterday’s melee.  It looked like Jones’ head was about to explode when Favre threw that final touchdown pass to put the Vikings up 34-3 with less than two minutes left that sent Keith Brooking running over to Minnesota’s sideline to bi*** about running up the score like he was the father of a Pop Warner child whose team was getting blown out.

This isn’t the first time Jones has got that “I’m going to puke” look on his face.  It seems to happen every couple years in the last decade and a half whenever Jerry starts Jones-ing for Dallas to win playoff games. 

It’s been way too long since the Cowboys sniffed a Super Bowl appearance, or even a conference championship game for that matter.  Jones wants results, and not embarrassing ones, especially in a season where he opened that billion dollar stadium.  He wants all that money he spends to equal a championship and Phillips has yet to win one of those in his career. 

Even with Dallas ending their over decade long drought without a playoff win by defeating the Eagles, I don’t think that will be enough for Jones to keep Phillips around. 

When a Cowboys team goes out like that, Jones doesn’t normally let that head coach come back in.  Wade’s like a Phillips-head screw driver… he’s screwed.