My Final Word on Brett Favre and Ted Thompson

Jacob WaalkContributor IJanuary 18, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS - JANUARY 17:  Jerry Jones, Owner and General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys, congratulates quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings on their 34-3 victory during the NFC Divisional Playoff Game at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on January 17, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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I'd love to see a real curse on Green Bay, like the one Babe Ruth put on the Red Sox.

It's not that they kicked Brett Favre out. I'm fine with that; it was best for them to keep Aaron Rodgers, who will still be awesome ten years from now.

It was the totally classless way Ted Thompson treated Favre from DAY ONE by gutting the roster and refusing to sign Moss for a third round pick. Then, he turned around at the end and tried to make Favre the bad guy in the whole scenario when it was painfully clear he was ready to put in his golden boy Rodgers and that he had come into the organization ready to get rid of the greatest player in its history.

I mean seriously, if he and obnoxious Packers fans could have only been HONEST about it, then I would have a lot more respect for them and I would have no harsh feelings.

As it was, they went from being among my favorite teams to my second most hated, (behind the Cowboys).

Thompson knew all Favre wanted was a good chance to go to a Super Bowl. That's all he was playing for: he wanted to end his career with a Super Bowl victory, and he knew it wasn't with GB. They had O-Line problems, he was stagnating there, lacked the fire of earlier years, needed a new setting.

If I'm Thompson, I show the country and the NFL that GB is a class act and release Favre to go to the team of his choosing in '08. It's simple as that. That shows the world, hey, we have an inkling of respect for the guy that took us to our only two Super Bowls in the past 40 years, took us to 21 playoff games, and set every quarterback record and became an all-time legend, adding glory to our already storied history, and who physically laid himself out on the line for us for over 15 seasons, never missing a start.

Instead? Green Bay shows they most definitely did not have any respect and class.

It would be like, in four seasons, the Colts trading Manning to the Raiders when he's ready to go because they have a new young QB, a worn out O-line, and are rebuilding and he wants to end his career right.

That's why I hate Thompson and Green Bay Fans now, for pretending it was something else, for pretending they had other reasons, for pretending that originally letting Favre come to Minnesota was anything else but paying homage even if it meant losing a few games.

The loss would have been better. I mean, look at this way: Green Bay lets Favre come to the Vikings in '08, and when he beats them instead of everyone talking about their mistake, what is talked about is the class and courage of an organization willing to put itself out on the line for a defeat like that in order to honor the wishes of a player who did so much for them. Instead of a bungling, it makes Green Bay overnight one of the classiest programs in the NFL, it brings a lot of admiration to them.

That's what Thompson didn't foresee, PR wise, and instead turned it into a nightmare, forever alienating millions of Favre fans and plenty of others who weren't but just saw through the ruse and felt, "Hey, now that was classless."

So when Favre does want to leave, where does he send him? To a run first, game management, 4-12 Jets team lacking depth at wide receiver. Is there any bigger F-U? He knows all Favre wants is a Super Bowl win, and he does everything in his power to send him as far away from one as possible.

Now that is spite, that is disgusting, and from a man who has been an otherwise good GM (Finley, Rodgers, Matthews, Woodson, etc.).

Still, Favre doubled the Jets' win total from the previous year and matched this year's Jet team, only this year's team has Shoen Greene, Darrelle Revis, the NFL's best defensive coach at HC, and other additions that have made them far better on defense and far better at running the ball.

Even then, Favre did lead them to that 8-3 start and to the front of the AFC, including thrilling victories over Arizona and the Patriots and a blowout of the then-undefeated Tennessee Titans before a biceps tear effectively ended his ability to be a big playmaker for the team down the stretch.

So yeah, I think GB deserves about an 80-year drought of Super Bowls, and it would definitely be interesting to see a Jets-Vikings Super Bowl, though I think the Jets play right into the Vikings strong points.