The Pride: Who I'll be starting this week in the Divisional Playoffs

John GustafsonContributor IJanuary 16, 2010

by John Gustafson,

Here are my actual lineups and where I stand in each contest.

The One & Done Contest, currently 5th out of 74 teams

  • QB- Drew Brees- I’m not confident in the Saints ability to win so I’m using Brees this week. He should be in a shootout with the Cards so I’m hoping that I can get a great game out of him while I can. If the Saints do win, then that’s fine as I’ll still have enough QBs left for the rest of the way.
  • RB1- Pierre Thomas- The 3-headed monster in the Saints backfield can be infuriating but I’ll take my chances with PT this week. Should the Saints advance, I’ll still have Mike Bell and Reggie Bush to use.
  • RB2- Felix Jones- This may be the last chance I get to use Jones and after last week’s game, how could I pass that up? If the Cowboys do win, it will likely come from a big game on Jones’ part so I’ll take that.
  • WR1- Marques Colston- I’m loading up on the Saints this week. It’s always a crapshoot when picking Saints WRs, but Colston is the number 1. Hopefully Brees goes to him early and often.
  • WR2- Reggie Wayne- I have the Colts winning, but I want to use Wayne this week for a few reasons. One, I wanted to add a little firepower to my lineup this week. Two, if the Ravens end up beating the Colts then I’ll be glad I got a game out of Reggie. And three, should the Colts win, but the Jets upset the Chargers then that means that Wayne would draw Revis next week and that is a headache I’d like to avoid.
  • TE- Dustin Keller- I only need 2 more TEs after this week. I’m hoping that I’ll have my pick between Shiancoe, Clark, and Gates the rest of the way so this week I’ll use Keller. He’s Sanchez’s boy so in the least he’ll get his opportunities.
  • Flex- Shonne Greene- I don’t see the Jets winning this week so I’ll want to use Greene. He’s averaged 16 carries a game the last 3 games so he’ll get his touches. He’s my flex player this week.
  • Coach- Jim Caldwell- The Ravens killed my coach points last week, but oh, not this week!
  • Players already used- QB- Kurt Warner, RBs- Thomas Jones, Ray Rice, WRs- Steve Breaston, Miles Austin, Larry Fitzgerald, TE- Jason Witten, Coach- Bill Belichick

@n42d’s Fantasy Foursome, currently 1st out of 4 teams (this is a draft league)

  • QB- Aaron Rodgers- Yes I know he’s not playing this week but I failed to draft a 2nd round QB and the other guy that I have (McNabb) got eliminated also. However, anytime you can get 20 points out of your QB you can consider that a solid game. Well Rodgers put up almost 44 points last week so I’ll look at it like I got 22 from Rodgers last week and 22 this week. ;)
  • RB1- Thomas Jones- Jones was a bit of a disappointment last week, but I only expected him to get 1 game in. This game is a bonus so I’m hoping he can get the rest of the points I was expecting last week. The Jets seem to be going with the back that gets hot so Jones could be in for a nice game.
  • RB2- Ray Rice- My man Ray Ray went off last week and like Jones I was only planning on getting him for 1 week so I’m ready to cash in on some bonus points from him this week.
  • WR1- Steve Breaston- He was a sneaky start for me last week and I was kicking myself for starting him over Edelman after last Sunday’s morning game, but I’m glad I went with Breaston as he was the #1 WR last week. I only expected to get 1 game from him so I lucked out with Breaston as well. Boldin is out again so that means Breaston slides into his role. Fitzgerald will draw Winfield so Breaston should get his fair share of looks on the other side.
  • WR2- Pierre Garcon- After losing Moss, Jennings, Driver, Edelman and DeSean last week, I’m forced to get into my reserve WRs. Garcon isn’t a bad start this week as he had 6 catches for over 100 yards earlier this year vs the Ravens.
  • WR3- Robert Meachem- His value is higher when Lance Moore is out, but it looks like Moore is going to play this week. All their WRs can go off at anytime and out of all my leagues I’ll have Colston, Meachem, and Moore so as long as it’s not Devery that goes off, I’ll be happy.
  • Flex1- LaDainian Tomlinson- I’m not expecting a huge game from him because the Jets D is tough but hopefully he can get me a cheap score or 2.
  • Flex2- Lance Moore- He’s my best available option. I’ll be happy with 4-5 catches and maybe a lucky TD.
  • Bench- RB- Donald Brown, Mike Tolbert, TE- David Thomas
  • Eliminated- QBs- Rodgers, McNabb, RBs- Fred Taylor, Sammy Morris, Brian Westbrook, WRs- Randy Moss, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Julian Edelman, DeSean Jackson, Andre Caldwell, James Jones

@FantasyTaz’s Playoffs Championships, currently 5th out of 28 teams (One and Done Contest)

  • QB- Drew Brees
  • RB1- Pierre Thomas
  • RB2- Felix Jones
  • WR1- Marques Colston
  • WR2- Reggie Wayne
  • WR3- Percy Harvin- I expect this game to be a shootout and I like Harvin’s versatility. I have a feeling Harvin will break off some big plays in this one so I’ll go with him and save some of the other Vikings receiving options for later.
  • TE- Dustin Keller
  • Flex- Shonne Greene
  • K- Garrett Hartley
  • D- Jets D
  • Players already used- QB- Kurt Warner, RBs- Thomas Jones, Ray Rice, WRs- Steve Breaston, Miles Austin, Larry Fitzgerald, DeSean Jackson, TE- Jason Witten, K- Jay Feely, D-Eagles

@FatKat52’s Don’t Suck Playoffs Contest, currently 1st out of 12 teams (This is a free for all league and players can be used as many times as you want)

  • QB- Brees
  • RB1- Adrian Peterson- All Day AP is the best back in the playoffs and in this league, we can use the players as many times as we want so ADAP is a no brainer.
  • RB2- Ray Rice
  • WR1- Miles Austin- I want playmakers in my lineup and Austin is a playmaker, easy decision.
  • WR2- Larry Fitzgerald- If this your first time reading about how I feel about Fitz, then I’ll have you know, I love the guy! As long as he’s playing, he’s in my lineup.
  • WR3- Reggie Wayne
  • TE- Antonio Gates- With VJack locked up on the outside, I love Gates over the middle this week. The guy is about as consistent as they come and I know I can count on him most weeks.
  • Flex- Sidney Rice- I have a good feeling about the Vikings passing offense this week so Rice is getting the nod over Joseph Addai at flex this week.
  • K- Nate Kaeding
  • D- Chargers

Best of luck this week everyone and as always, you play to win the game!