Time to rethink my NFL Playoff Rankings - WRs & TEs

John GustafsonContributor IJanuary 15, 2010

by John Gustafson, john@fantasylion.com

Yesterday I posted my QB & RB updates, today I’ll go over my updated WR & TE rankings for the NFL playoffs.

Note- These rankings are for PPR leagues. The rankings are based on the number of games I think each guy will play. The number of projected games are in ( ).

Wide Receivers

  1. Larry Fitzgerald, Ari (3)- The Cards Cinderella magic may be back for another year. I’m on their bandwagon and if they make a run to the Super Bowl like I think they will, then Fitz will be the #1 Fantasy Playoff WR.
  2. Reggie Wayne, Ind (2)- There’s some good news and bad news for Wayne. The good news is I have the Colts winning 2 games now which gives Wayne an upgrade. The bad news is that if the Jets can upset the Chargers, he’s in for a helluva matchup with Revis.
  3. Vincent Jackson, SD (3)- I had VJack #1 last week, but that was before I knew he’d be drawing Revis. I’m really looking forward to his matchup with Revis because VJack is half a foot taller than Revis and the Chargers should challenge the Jets vertically. Revis has shut everyone down so I’m not expecting much out of VJack this week but if he can beat him it will likely be due to his size advantage.
  4. Sidney Rice, Min (2)- I felt last week if Min got Dallas this week, then Rice’s value would go up. I’m sticking to that. I really like him this week. I have a feeling the Vikings will be throwing the ball over the field.
  5. Steve Breaston, Ari (3)- He came on in a big way for me last week and for everyone who didn’t use him last week, you caught a break! I like him a lot as long as Boldin is out.
  6. Malcolm Floyd, SD (3)- Floyd may see an increased role this week as the Chargers will likely struggle getting the ball to VJack. Floyd showed what he can do in week 17 if he’s the main guy. Like Breaston last week, I like Floyd as a sneaky play this week.
  7. Percy Harvin, Min (2)- Percy is a game changer and I’m using him right away. I’m confident that the Vikings will beat the Cowboys, but if they don’t then I’ll be glad I used Percy this week because I expect him to make some big plays. Percy should be the X factor this weak vs Dallas.
  8. Miles Austin, Dal (1)- Well there’s one game to their run. I’m still not buying into this team, however, if they can prove me wrong, then Austin will go down as this year’s Larry Fitzgerald as far as playoff production.
  9. Marques Colston, NO (1)- I just don’t trust the Saints so I’m going to use Colston this week while I can.
  10. Early Doucet, Ari (3)- Like Breaston, his value is related to Boldin’s injury. If Boldin is out then Doucet slides into the Breaston role and like my boy @FantasyTaz says, Warner isn’t picky.
  11. Pierre Garcon, Ind (2)- Not a sexy play this week, but he’ll come in handy next week or later should the Colts make a run. He did have 6 catches for 106 yards earlier this year vs Balt.
  12. Austin Collie, Ind (2)- The Ravens didn’t give up much over the middle to Collie or Clark when they played earlier this year, but if you’re looking for a sneaky play at flex, Collie’s not a bad way to go (Collie had 1 catch for 12 yards and Clark had 1 catch for 3 yards and a TD.
  13. Robert Meachem, NO (1)- Meachem is a decent enough start this week. This Saints offense drives me crazy. They have so many options that no one can be truly relied on every week other than Brees. Oh and it looks like Moore is playing this week and Meachem has been filling in for more.. add that to the pot of trying to figure this team out, good luck. If you’re going to use Meachem, use him this week. He’s not the best option, so I’d only use him if I have to.. which I do so he’ll be in one of my lineups this week.
  14. Lance Moore, NO (1)- It looks like Moore is going to play this week, but coming off an injury, how much do you trust him? Like Meachem, I would only go with him if you have to and like Meachem, I will have to because I lost half of my team in my draft league! Thanks GB, NE, and Phi!
  15. Anquan Boldin, Ari (3)- I want to rank him higher, but he didn’t play last week and he missed pratice again yesterday. I don’t expect him to practice today or play this week. Maybe next week ‘Quan.
  16. Derrick Mason, Bal (1)- Last week I said I’ve never been high on Mason because you saw his inconsistency firsthand. I’m not saying it’s his fault because they didn’t have to throw the ball much, but Mason left his fantasy owners out to dry last week. He had a nice game vs the Colts earlier this year, but I’m still not going to touch him with a 10 foot pole. Look, I have an injured guy who’s probably not playing this week higher than Mason. That should tell you how much I like him.
  17. Braylon Edwards, NYJ (1)- Last week I said that I thought Edwards was a dog and stupid Mark Sanchez threw him a long pass that hit him right in the hands, stupid Mark, try and be more accurate this week. Stay away from Dog Edwards. I only put him on this list so I could talk sht about him and to strongly discourage you from playing him in case you were getting drunk while putting in your lineup.

Maybes for next week if their teams advance

  • Legedu Nannee, SD
  • Bernard Berrian, Min
  • Devery Henderson, NO
  • Patrick Crayton, Dal
  • Roy Williams, Dal

Tight Ends

  1. Antonio Gates, SD (3)- One thing is for sure, he’ll be needed in a big way this week. Revis will probably lock up VJack so Gates needs to get loose over the middle to open up the running game. I’m saving him for later though.
  2. Dallas Clark, Ind (2)- When talking about Collie, I mention that he only had 1 catch vs the Ravens earlier this year, but it was for a TD. More bad news is that in 4 career games vs the Ravens, Clark has caught a TOTAL of 4 balls for 58 yards and a TD. That’s some pretty pathetic production. I’ll never ever tell you not to start Clark after the year he’s had, but if he comes up small, I would not be surprised. I’m saving him for next week.
  3. Jason Witten, Dal (1)- He’s a solid start this week. I used him last week, but if you didn’t I would go with him and save Gates & Clark.
  4. Dustin Keller, NYJ (1)- The Jets may have to throw more than usual to stay in this one and Keller is Dirtay’s boy. Keller is my TE this week.
  5. Visanthe Shiancoe, Min (2)- Like Finley last week, Shiancoe might be a sneaky start this week. I’m going to save him in case one of the 2 TEs I’m saving get eliminated.
  6. Jeremy Shockey, NO (1)- I’m going to try and avoid this guy and only use him if I have to.
  7. Todd Heap, Bal (1)- Yawn.
  8. David Thomas, NO (2)- It looks like Shockey is going to play this week, but if he doesn’t, Thomas fills in nicely for him.

Other what if long shots worth considering

  • Ben Patrick, Ari
  • Martellus Bennett, Dal