Rob "Me Of a Win" Ryan's Conversation With Davis To Coach The Raiders

Mike SommersContributor IJanuary 15, 2010

On a chilly night in Oakland at the Raiders headquarters, Al Davis and Rob Ryan meet to discuss Ryans' desire to be the head coach of the Raiders.

If it happens it could go something like this:

Davis: Hi Rob, how have you been?

Ryan: I have been good Mr. Davis, and let me tell ya, you look great!

Davis: Hey Rob stop with the brown nosing and let's get to the point, so I hear you want to coach the Raiders

Ryan: Yes sir

Davis: Why is that?

Ryan: Well I think I can really turn this franchise around and bring power defense and wins back to the silver and black

Davis: Really?


Davis: Well Rob, how have you done with the Browns defense you are running?

Ryan: (squirming in his seat and with his head down whispering) Well sir, ummm we are ranked 31st in the NFL!

Davis: I didnt hear you Rob, what did you say?

Ryan: We are ranked 31st in the NFL

Davis: Isn't there only 32 teams?

Ryan: Yes

Davis: Well that isn't very good now is it?

Ryan: (head down) No sir it isn't

Davis: Ok then, so when you were our Defensive Coordinator, and I gave you full control, how did you do for us?

Ryan: Not very good

Davis: Didn't you have most all of your players returning and I picked up players you wanted?

Ryan: Yes

Davis: And weren't you still unsuccessful?

Ryan: Yes sir

Davis: Then what makes you think that I will give you even more control of my team?

Ryan: I was just trippin


Ryan: But sir, my last name is Ryan

Davis: The way you coach a Defense, you should really change your name and stop disgracing your family. 

Ryan: (shuffling his feet walking out of the room with his head down in a whimpy voice) So is that a no?

Davis: Dam right!