New York Jets' No. 1 Defense Perpertrating the Fraud

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIJanuary 14, 2010

There are three things I like about the San Diego Chargers vs the New York Jets:

1. The Chargers' offense is better than the Indianapolis Colts', and the Colts' first team was on pace for at least 30 before their backups came in and stifled Peyton Manning off as he was on pace for 350 yards passing against the Jets' "No. 1" passing defense.

Look at who the Jets played and when. They stopped the New England Patriots and Houston Texans early in the year. Fantastic, right?

The New England Patriots, and we all saw them get clobbered by the Baltimore Ravens last week, hung 31 points on the great Jets defense to take the division from the Jets.

Apparently, the Patriots sailed right past Revis Island.

The Jets have stopped all time passing greats such as Curtis Painter, Josh Freeman, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Ryan, a Houshmandzadeh & Chris Henry-less Carson Palmer, and Jake "T.O." Delhomme.

Is anyone outside of New York impressed?

2. The Chargers' defense in the first half of the last eight games has been dominant, then the defense basically practiced and played prevent in the second half of those games. The Chargers had several HUGE third-quarter leads over their 11-game winning streak.

In the last eight games, SD has given up on average 7.5 points in the first half. The Chargers offense scored an average of 15.75 points in the first half. Teams ran up big yardage, but could only muster about 10 points on average in the second half. Eighteen points per game won't get it done against a team that hasn't scored less than 20 points in 22 straight games.

For all their tough talk, the Jets will like score six or seven points in the first half against the Chargers.


3. San Diego played seven games against the top 10 defenses in the NFL and still averaged about 26 points per game. One of those games was played mostly by backups.

The Jets' No. 1 defense has perpetrated the fraud by playing teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Buffalo Bills; then thumping their chests while Indianapolis' first team and the Patriots ran up a 45 points on them in a game and a half.

You must look at when the statistics were accumulated and against whom.

Who are the Jets scaring with this fake Baltimore Ravens swagger?