Terrell WhiteCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2010

SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 03:  Head coach Tom Cable of the Oakland Raiders watches the action during the game against the Seattle Seahawks on September 3, 2009 at Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Holla at me RAIDER NATION!

As we wait breathlessly for the fate of T. Cable to be pronounced from on high a thought came to my mind. Sure there are coaches out there better than Cable However, there are also coaches out there whom we could say are argueable worse (at least at the moment) .

Being in N.Y.C. and a fan of the A.F.L. I have developed some what of an understanding of the Jets (as most Raider fans develop after learning about the Heidi game but... I digress). As I watched The Jets play (and beat) The Bengals I could not help but think about how bad they (The Bengals) looked.

Before I go any further I have to say: I Support EVERY black man that gets a chance to coach and I am in NO WAY calling for anything negative to happen to Marvin Lewis - However, I have to say I like Tom Cable more than Marvin Lewis, and not just because Cable is the current Head Coach; Nor am I making this statement in support of Al bringing back Cable I'm just saying think about a couple of things for a moment.

I'm not going to bore you RAIDER NATION with the details of Marvin's time in Cinn. We all know what happen to Carson in that Playoff game against the Steelers; However, every since that game the Bengals have been in decline.

We love to talk about Al's picks, and trades However, Marvin and his staff have not done all that great. We all know about how The Bengals could not stop from having players arrested. We all know that it was crazy of them to trade away T.J. ext. ext.

Furthermore, not only did Marvin and The Bengals get beat by The Raiders, they get beat by The Jets twice; The later loss coming at home in The Playoffs - when they lost to the Jets the week before. Come on RAIDER NATION if that had happened to us WE WOULD BE GOING CRAZY!!!! ( well at least I know I

Staying with that Playoff loss, How does Marvin blow his timeouts and his challenges on those those plays in the first quarter? (rhetorical question) Plays that were clearly going to go against him? (rhetorical question) Why did he not keep running the ball? (another rhetorical question) How do The Bengals show up so unprepared to play a Home Playoff game against a team they just got beat by? (again rhetorical question). I'm not hear to beat up on Marvin Lewis. I'm just saying he's been around longer than Cable, and he has more help then Cable - but look at some of his in game, and past decisions, then imagine it was OUR TEAM.

Like I said RAIDER NATION I'm not here to write about how great Cable is. All I'm is saying is A: That I don't recall a game in which Cable made decision even close to as bad as the ones Marvin made against The JETS. B: Remember, no matter how bad things may seem to be at the time they could always be worse.