Mark McGwire: A Little Confession Much, Much Too Late

Cliff EasthamSenior Writer IIJanuary 12, 2010

WASHINGTON - MARCH 17:  Former St. Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire pauses during testimony March 17, 2005 for a House Committee session that is investigating Major League Baseball efforts to eradicate steroid use in Washington, DC.  Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Allan 'Bud' Selig will give testimony regarding MLB?s efforts to eradicate steriod usage among its players.  (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Are we as baseball fans supposed to be all warm and fuzzy now that Mark McGwire has finally come clean and told everyone what we already knew as fact?

You may, if you wish, but not me. I am much too salty to be sweetened by a load of bull like this.

Ten years, on and off is the story we are now fed. To his credit, he did admit that he juiced in 1998 when he broke my hero's record. Barry Bonds came along with more juice and beat that one as well.

You treat the record book as you will, but I am winding mine back to October of 1961 when 61 home runs is the MLB (not just the AL record which still stands by the way) record in "MLB: The story According to Caesar Cliffius".

The only reason McGwire has now decided to come clean is the fact that he is again donning a major league uniform, now as a Cardinal coach and knew he would be repeatedly pestered over the subject.

It's a little late with the info Big Mac. Should he be in the Hall of Fame? No! He is an ex home run hitter, whose qualifications to be one are now suspect.

You may decide to forgive and forget, but I, sir cannot. Too many players in the hallowed annals of baseball history have busted their collective ass to be the best they could be.

No they didn't find it in a syringe or a needle stuck in their body. They did it with hard work, pain and a crippling desire to be great.

A little confession a few years too late will not suffice. You didn't get caught with your hand in the cookie jar my friend. That would have been forgivable. You had to be examined, x-rayed and only then were the cookie discovered.

All the ex-juicers in the world unite and listen up! I, Caesar Cliffius will not forget. I may forgive your indiscretions but I will not forget them and you will not enter into a hall of fame that I have anything to do with.

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