The Dark Horse Of The Playoffs Wil Lightning Strike?

trevor westContributor IJanuary 8, 2010

The dark horse of the playoffs... will lightning strike?

                         By Trevor West


If  a picture is worth a thousand words I believe that this picture sums up exactly what the 09-10 chargers playoffs will be about, LaDainian Tomlinson. This season was in all honesty, a disappointment for the 4 time pro-bowl tailback, this is his first season with less than a thousand yards from rushing.


But he has managed to stay productive this season, tying for 5th this season with 12 TDs. And this is the first time in the last 3 years that the Chargers have gone into the playoffs with a completely healthy L.T. Now there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Chargers are a passing team, Rivers ranked 8th in total yards, tied for 6th in TDs and a QB rating of 104.4. The mediocre season combined with his possible contract renewal and his 30th birthday in June will put pressure on LT to perform well in the Playoffs.  This is probably his last shot at winning a super-bowl with the Chargers, I believe that he will prove to be a useful weapon for the Bolts helping them win the super bowl.


Nothing would help him get resigned more than a super bowl ring, as for All-Star QB, Philip Rivers, he would join fellow “class of 04” super-bowl  champs: Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning  further  fueling the debate as to which of the 3 is the best. It would be likely Rivers would get a nice big contract extension as well. ( super-bowl  Champions usually do).

Not many people are talking like this however, most expect either the Vikings the Colts or the Saints to win the super-bowl. In each of those 3 teams last 3 games they have all lost to an average or terrible team: Bills Buccaneers, Bears and the Panthers. Mind you that most of those games the back-ups were in. However the Bolts back-ups managed to beat the awful team they got matched up with the Redskins. On top of this the Chargers have the same record 12-3 as the Saints and the Vikings, on top of this they have been the ones to knock the Colts out of the playoffs for the past 2 years.


Rolling Stones writer Mike Taibbi sarcastically predicted that the Chargers would play the Vikings for the super-bowl and I quote:

“The winner is...

As for the super-bowl, everyone is picking  New England to win it, which means it’s guaranteed not to happen. From my point of view, the most loathsome of outcome is ass-faced chargers QB Philip Rivers versus 10,000 soft-lit special-interest stories about Favre’s courageous comeback. So that probably will happen, but at least it wont have the worst ending: Chargers over Vikings.”

I find it ironic that he picked the game that he would hate the most as the super-bowl game and be right. This seems to be the most likely of matches to me, oh and by the way Mike, Philip Rivers has movie star good looks.

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