UFC 111: If Brock Lesnar Retires, Shane Carwin Must Beat Frank Mir

Brian OswaldMMA Editor January 8, 2010

Brock Lesnar has set a new standard for how a Heavyweight Champion should be built and how they should dominate inside the octagon.

While some bemoan that Brock is all size and no skill, his wins inside the cage speak for themselves.

Love him or hate him, the departure of Lesnar would leave a hole in the Heavyweight Division that would require huge fists to fill the gaping void.

Enter Shane Carwin, who with 5X gloves, not only has bigger hands, but hits harder too.

Shane Carwin will face off against Frank Mir at UFC 111, with the winner set to emerge as interim champion.

But the tag "interim" would be removed if Lesnar is forced to call it quits, leaving the Carwin-Mir victor with the vacated title around their waist.

The ramifications to the division would be very different depending on who was crowned King of the world.

In Mir, you have a fighter who was pummeled by Lesnar at UFC 100, leaving little doubt as to who the more dominant force was that night.

Since then, Mir has taken his strength and conditioning to new heights, all in an effort to exact revenge on his nemesis in what would be their third and pivotal fight.

Prior to UFC 107, Mir packed on twenty pounds of muscle and performed phenomenally against Cheick Kongo, becoming the first fighter to submit Kongo during his mixed martials arts career.

Mir looks better then ever, and  a win over Carwin would put him back in Brock's face.

But if Lesnar leaves the sport, can Mir ever be considered a legitimate champion without avenging the loss at UFC 100?

Despite what Mir goes on to accomplish, Lesnar would be the great white shark that got away, forever placing an asterisk in Mir's mind, and in the minds of unforgiving fans.

No, without beating Lesnar, Mir would be branded as a paper champion.

Carwin however, for all intents and purposes , could wipe the slate clean by cold-cocking Mir.

For all we know, Carwin would have toppled Lesnar, had they battled at 106.

He certainly has all the necessary prerequisites: a powerful physique, enough wrestling to keep it standing, hits like a freight train, and a chin cast in iron.

While Carwin as champion wouldn't keep the critics from asking "but could he have beaten Brock" whipping Mir would at least give the appearance that Carwin can dominate like Lesnar did.

And that is about the best the UFC can hope for in a post-apocalyptic world of no Brock Lesnar.