Bringing the MMA Community Together, World Domination Next

Todd JacksonSenior Analyst IJanuary 6, 2010

Mixed martial arts, three little words, insignificant enough.  Not an uncommon term, especially in times like these.  As individual definitions each word is important to the structure of the idea of MMA
It is an eclectic execution of deadly expression. 
The term MMA has actually redefined the idea of what martial arts truly are.  For decades, inquire about martial arts and the first answer given would surely be a reference to Bruce Lee, ironically a genuine pioneer of the theories that pulsate and evolve within today's sport. 
Today, someone may be quicker to talk about a rear naked choke or take downs and mention a snap kick or roundhouse.  Point being, the idea of martial arts has evolved with the sport of MMA, the spectrum of understanding has been broadened.
So MMA defined is a simple concept to understand.  Yet the question that begs to be asked is what defines MMA?  What truly sets this sport apart in such a fashion that its moguls and enthusiasts would dare say it will be the most popular sport in the world someday? 
Is Anderson Silva really the next Pele?  Can Georges St. Pierre attain the status level of a guy like Derek Jeter? 
Perhaps, if what truly defines MMA shines through.  And what truly defines this sport you may ask?  You do. 
People like you who take the time to sit down and study this sport inside and out, or just tune in to catch the latest buzz. 
But not just you, there are others.
The mosaic that is MMA is complicated without question.  Behind every event there is a plethora of relationships, contacts, favors, aspirations, entrepreneurship, the list goes on.  Behind those are referees, matchmakers, casino owners, event coordinators, promoters, and again the list goes on.
All of that revolves around two things though—the fighter, and the fan.  Without those two components, MMA is nothing but a theory, not the growing living thing it has become. 
So there is one aspect to what defines MMA, it is the people that make it up.  All the people who come together to support this great sport are very much what defines it.
In addition to the sheer numbers, there is a deeper aspect.  It's not just the people, it's the type of person MMA attracts.  Every group has their knuckleheads, there's no question about that. 
But the type of people that really get into this sport are generally stand-up people. People who can appreciate sacrifice, courage, honor, and a little trash talk from time to time. 
MMA people are a different breed more often than not, whether they are fighter or fan.
What the MMA culture has come to embrace more than any other sport people can point to, is the aspect of community.  There is a true sense of family throughout the sport. 
Amongst fighters, fans, officials, there is an understanding of the need to stick together and support each other in their efforts.
Sure Dana White may not have any Fedor posters up in his game room, and Brock Lesnar may not have Frank Mir on the Christmas list.  Still though, at the human level, when the cameras aren't running and the bright lights aren't glaring, MMA takes care of its own. 
It is with these thoughts in mind that a few guys got their heads together and created a social networking site designed specifically to bring those people together. 
The Web weaved in this sport is a tangled one.  It can be difficult to market oneself, regardless of your aspirations in this sport on a wide scale.  A site such as Hurtsbad opens doors for like-minded individuals who have a stake in this sport. 
Be it as a ring girl, a fighter, or a referee, you can meet and interact with people with a similar passion for MMA.
Facebook is fun and popular, but Hurtsbad cuts to the chase.  No games, just MMA people talking MMA.  The site currently has members that include two fight promoters, a fight photographer, a fight management company, a UFC fighter, as well as many other fighters.  That's just to name a few. 
If the people of MMA can come together on a site designed primarily so they can share ideas and their unique aspects and areas of expertise, it will only make it stronger. 
What other sport sees its fans and its contestants interact in such an informal fashion as MMA?  That camaraderie between people who realize that their success depends on each other is a strong one.  It is what truly sets this sport apart.
No one wants to sell you anything here, no one wants to mass compile email addresses.  Give Hurtsbad a shot, and get to know some of the people that help make up this sport. 
This site needs people like you to make it work.  Yours truly will be there to greet you.