The Latest News On Steelers Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians

DeAnte MitchellCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2010

LATROBE, PA - AUGUST 8: Bruce Arians, offensive Coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers, talks with Hines Ward #86 during training camp at St. Vincent College on August 8, 2007 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  (Photo By Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

No surprise here, The Pittsburgh Steelers have cut ties with Bruce Arians.  

The 3-time Steelers offensive coordinator was fired Jan 5, 2010 a little after 2 pm, and after Tomlin addressed the media during a weekly press conference according to Ken Laird. During the season there were many speculations that coaching changes was coming to Pittsburgh, Tomlin’s “Necessary changes will come” approach came much faster than not.

Steelers haven’t made a comment to whether it’s true or not, but many suspect that it won’t be official to the end of this week.

Arians has gotten away from the normal, “Hard-mouth Steelers football” by having a pass happy mentality rather than the Steelers normal outlook of pounding the ball down the throat of the defense. According to the Steelers franchise came into the season with 5,000 more yards than any other NFL franchise since the 1970 merger.

428 rushing attempts a franchise-low, 536 passing attempts a franchise high.

As most people point out, his firing is most likely due to his offensive letdowns late in the game. Scoring 6 points on virtually one of the worst defenses in the league, the Cleveland Browns; most likely melted his clock.

Arians inabilities to manage the game, utilize the offensive talent, stay balanced and flat out win games most likely also contributed in him receiving his walking papers. During late stretches, an offensive coordinator is suppose to know how to work the clock, however here Bruce Arians doesn’t produce the game plan worthy enough to put games away late in the fourth.

 However, since the QB Coach Ken Anderson just announced his retirement he may be demoted to quarterbacks coach. Arians has a pretty solid quarterback’s background, remember Arians was the first coach to train Peyton Manning; maybe he’ll be a better quarterback coach.