2010 Seattle Seahawks: The Rundown On Pink Slips and Future Paychecks!

lonnie swansonContributor IJanuary 5, 2010

ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 10:  C.J. Spiller #28 of the Clemson Tigers against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Bobby Dodd Stadium on September 10, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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So here we are, once again, the end of a season and we are pretty much in the same spot we ended up in at the end of the 2008 season.  Oh wait, we won one more game than we did the year before.  I would honestly say that I thought the 09 campaign was worse than the 08 campaign.  That is just me though.  Maybe some will agree.  I was more disappointed in 08 than I was this year.  I can say that.  It was unexpected in 08.  This year, I had a gut feeling they were going to fail.  Don't know why, I just felt it.  So what changes will be made to try and get back to the playoffs and hopefully another Super Bowl run.  Let's start this article with the first change that needs to be made and we will progress to the favorite moment of all before spring training, the draft.

1. Hire a GM - I think Seattle was smart in Hiring a firm to narrow down potential candidates for the job.  Will it matter though?  I don't have much to say on this really, other than they better get someone in there that is not going to screw it up.  Someone like, hmmmm....... Holmgren.  Well that opportunity is gone, so they better get someone of at least the same caliber as him.  If they do that, I think they will be successful in the hiring of a new GM.

2. Coaching - Well, for all the Mora hater's out there, your not going to like this part.  I don't think he should be fired.  The only way I say we fire him, is if we can get Bill Cowher.  Could that happen, probably not, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.  He lives on the east coast so it might be hard to persuade him to come all the way out here.  That would be awesome for the city of Seattle though and it might help lure in some awesome free agent talent that originally would think twice about signing with Seattle.   -Greg Knapp needs to go like a bad habit, NOW!  He stinks so bad, he makes the city dump smell like candy canes ( I like the smell of the candy cane, lol).  Enough said about him.  - Now, once we get our new GM, I think the new GM should say to Mora that he is willing to give him another shot to turn this franchise around to winning again, but Knapp has got to go.  If Mora has any argument with that and says anything but ok, fire them both, cause that would prove to me that Mora, is in fact an idiot for wanting to keep Knapp around after he seen the negative season happen before his own eyes, with his hand chosen OC.  That would show me he is willing to take some responsibility for some of the failure's this season, instead of just saying he is partially resposible for the mishap's of the season. -  I have heard some people saying they wanna see Gus Bradley gone.  I dont think he is to blame.  Sorry people, he was handed a mediocre defense and expected to make miracles happen.  We have some changes that need to be made on the defense, let alone, we need our players to be able to play healthy all season.  Give Gus Bradley a healthy defense with some changes and he will be looking real good to all Seahawks fans. I will address these issue's in a minute. 

3. Free Agency - I think we need to be aggressive in free agency this year.  More so than we were last year.  I would give us a C+/B- for last years free agency.  Of all the free agents that we picked up last year during the off season and during the season, only one played mediocre for us and that was Hoosh.  In this years free agency we need to go hard core.  First - Defensive Tackle - we need a kick ass DT to go along side Mebane.  Red Bryant has not panned out like I thought he could do. We need to get proven experience.  Richard Seymour - bam, done deal.  There is your solution to a proven DT who would kick ass for us.  He will not want to resign with the Raiders.  Second - Defensive End - Good bye Kerney, good bye Tapp.  It's time to introduce Julius Peppers into a Seahawks uniform.  We could go after Aaron Kampman, but he had knee surgery this year, so his productivity might end up the same as Kerney's.  Third - Secondary - By far this was the most unproductive part of Seattle's team this year.  We need a proven corner and safety.  So, I say we go after Dunta Robinson for cornerback.  He will be a free agent this year and we could go after him.  We also need a safety.  We could go after Roman Harper.   Last, but not least - Wide Receiver - Sorry but we need one, or should I say a number one....... T.J. will never be the receiver he was in Cincy, if we dont get someone to take the heat off him.  Sorry Nate, but you are not a number one receiver.  For one, Burleson has just gotten injured to many times for Seattle to keep him around.  Can someone say D.J. Hackett replica.  Sorry time for him and Branch to go.  So here it is - We need to go after Brandon Marshall.  Calm down, stop throw things.  Marshall started to create havoc this year cause he wanted money, but I could gaurentee that wasnt the only reason he wanted out of Denver.  When he seen them trade away Cutler, I could promise you he was cussing like no tomorrow.  He started to become happier as the season went on cause they were winning and looking playoff bound.  As you would have noticed, he started to be pretty productive.  He still finished with 1000+ yards on the season.  Does the dude have some attitude, ya,  but who cares.  We will make him happy in Seattle for years to come.  Now, I didnt do any hard core research on these free agents to find out if they are UFA or RFA and maybe some of them could be franchise tagged.  This is just a list of whom i think we should go after if it is possible.


4. The NFL Draft - For those who don't know (which I am sure you all do), we have two picks in the first round this year.  SO, here is who we need to take in the first round.  An OT and a Running back.  I said it last year and I will say it again this year.  We need a running back.  We got a diamond in the ruff with Forsett, but he is not an every down back.  He will be VERY productive for us.  That doesnt mean we still dont need a number one back.  Julius Jones needs to go.  Right after they fire Knapp, they should ask him to help some of Jones' bags out the door with him, cause he's gone to.  They can have some Mai Tai's in the airport lounge on there wait for there plane.  So with the 1st pick of round one - Offensive Tackle -  We have got to shore up the line, immediatly. We can do this with the first pick.  2nd pick of the first round - RB - Unless some other team snatches him ( which I will tremendously hate that team for years to come), we need to grab C.J. Spiller.  Now arguments. Thats it. We need a number one and he is it.  He is a Chris Johnson waiting to happen.  He is versitile and speedy. It is everything Seattle needs in a back.  We dont need a bruiser ( 5'11 and up 220 and up).  We need that speed.  I know most people have watched this guy and have been nothing but highly impressed.  Now with the second round, I have said it before and I will say it again.  McCoy will be there for us.  We need to get a QB who is one of the best college football has seen in years.  He can learn behind Hasselbeck, and in two years when Matt is done he will be ready to take over for him.  Teal is not the answer and neither is Seneca.  Alot of people can disagree and say we to take a safety or a corner to help the defense, but this years draft is not loaded with depth at those two positions.  Mays and Berry will be gone before we get to our second round pick, so we can't get them.  If Mays were to slip to the second round, well hell ya snatch him before McCoy cause we can always wait till next year to get a QB in the first round.  I am just saying we need a quarterback of the future and McCoy has a high probability of falling to us in the second round.  Why do you ask.... Well that is simple.  If he doesnt show a great performance in the national championship he will be questioned and love to say it cause I hate Texas, Alabama is going to crush Texas, but that is a whole nother subject.  It will however have an effect on how we get Colt McCoy.  You should all wish for an Alabama domination, cause that could clearly help his chances of landing with the Seahawks and he WILL be our next stud QB.  Now, with picks 4 thru 7, we will just have to take the best available players and hope they pan out.  This is what needs to happen with the first three though.  If we dont do use those first to picks on what I said, you can kiss next season good bye. Guaranteed!

So there you have it Seahawks fans.  The future of our organization.  Please feel the desire to comment on my article cause I am curious to see how everyone is feeling on the needs of our team.  Here's to, Hopefully, a new beginning to winning again.

(My picture for this article is key to victory cause even with a mediocre line he can make mad things happen on the football field)

(Also, if I haven't got perfect grammar, please don't be an idiot and send me a comment about it.  My spell check isn't working and i'm not going through this to check every word.... thank you)